not Identifying Application Version??


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So I recently found my D2 cd's and installed D2 and ran the program in Admin with Service Pack 3 just fine for about a week. Then I downloaded the Median XL launcher and played that for about two days and everything was fine. Well today I went to load up MxL and the application wouldn't launch. It gave me an error that said "Unhandled Exception Violation" so I uninstalled it. Then tried to load up regular D2 vanilla and when I went to to continue farming on my laddered paladin, I got an error saying Unable to Identify Application Version and would not load. So I tried reinstalling D2 and it automatically installed Version 1.14b and now every time I try to play, I get the same error, but offline works. I still run the program as Admin in Service Pack 3 but still the problem persists.. I just spent 3 hours try to figure it out but I'm stumped.. help?


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The error "Unable to identify game version" on connecting to bnet usually means that something from the installation is different than expected by bnet.

When uninstalling, only those parts are probably deleted which are known by the the uninstaller and modified game files might count as unknown, so there might be something left. On a new installation, these remnants might cause trouble.

After uninstalling, delete the game directory if it's still there. If you have single player save files in there, you copy them to a safe place before, of course.