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Hey everyone! This is my guide for all connection problems. I can probably say that we all agree that there are a lot of threads out there asking for help because of some connection error. So I’ve decided to create a short list of errors and solutions to help people out there and some a lot of time. Anyway, this guide is intended for newcomers and people who are just starting out for online play.

Okay, so here we go:

1. Realm Down or Unable to Connect to

This is one of the most common errors that occur online. At the beginning of ladder season 2, there was a huge influx of botters that really slowed down blizzard’s servers and joining and creating games online took forever. So Blizzard created these measures to try to free up their servers and to discourage botting and other 3rd party programs.

You mainly get a realm down or “Unable to Connect to†message when you either switch characters too many times or you join too many games in a certain amount of time. Therefore, Blizzard thinks you are botting and temporarily bans you. Now don’t worry; nothing will happen to your account.

There really is no solution to this error. You just have to wait it out. Most realm downs last for about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, it may even last for 1-2 hours. In the most severe case, they last for 24-48 hours. And this is a fact: the most times you try to logon while you are temporarily banned, the longer your temporary ban will be. But this does not mean like if you try to log on 3-4 times during a realm down and you’re ban will go up to 1-2 hours. Blizzard only reinforced this rule because botting programs will continue to try to logon if they can’t access

Another less common way of getting these errors is spamming in the chat channels. Of course most people do not do this but if you have downloaded a third party program, a spam bot may have been included in it. So the bot may be spamming in the channel different ads with your account name next to it. So this is another reason (out of the hundreds) NOT to download illegal programs.

2. The connecting to is stuck at “connecting to the fastest server…â€

This is another error that some people get. It’s usually due to a firewall or router issue. Depending on the firewall or router, there are different solutions. On Windows XP Service Pack 2’s firewall, make sure you set Diablo 2 as one of your exceptions:

Go to Control panel and open of Windows Firewall. Click on the middle tab called “Exceptions†and choose Add Program. Select Diablo 2 as the program you want to add.

There are many different routers out there. I would suggest looking in your router manual about playing online games. If all else fails, try directly connecting your computer to your cable/dsl line and turning off your firewall all together and connect.

3. The connecting to is stuck at “Checking versionsâ€

This part of the connection is known to take a while sometimes. For new players, if you feel that it’s seriously stuck there, that often means that you need to download a newer patch and there’s some sort of connection error preventing you from downloading it directly when connecting to

The solution for this is to just download it manually off Blizzard’s website:

After you download it, all you have to do is double click the file.

If you already have the latest patch and still get the error, try restarting your game or computer to see if it solves the problem.

4. You are unable to connect to because “x†is using your cd key.

First, you have to understand that only one cd key can be used online at once. So NEVER share your cd key with friends and NEVER tell anyone online you don’t know what it is.

Second, checks BOTH, your Diablo 2 cd key and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction cd key. When you get this error message, it should tell you which cd key is being used.

The most common reason for this problem is when you get disconnected from due to a connection interruption. does not recognize that you are disconnected immediately. All you should is wait for about 5 minutes and you should be able to logon again. Note: this is only for when the error tells that you are using the cd key yourself.

If you are not the one using your cd key, it seems that someone somehow obtained yours. Many 3rd party programs are able to steal your cd keys. And on very very rare occasions, someone may have generated your cd key using a cd key generator. In these cases there is nothing much you can do but buy another game. This is when knowing which cd key is being used is helpful because you have to know whether to buy D2 classic or D2: LoD. Alternatively, you could mail your cd case with the cd back to Blizzard, and they will give you a new cd key. However, this takes about 1-2 weeks.

Ok that’s about it. I may have missed a few cases, so if you want, you can help out and post them here. And if you’re still having trouble, we can help you here or you can have a look at Blizzard’s technical support site here:

Anyway I've hope my guide was helpful and have fun on!


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Also, sometimes Bnet will crash your game or just kick you for no reason; both are indicated by "Connection interrupted" (same as when you loose internet dialup, but you should know which is the case). This often leads to "Realm down" as well.

Something you didn't mention as well is the case when you try to connect to (or create a, which is mostly the same thing) game and the client crashes in between (happens frequently with one of my two...). You'll be able to log into bnet just fine (operating systems will properly close down TCP connections), but you won't be able to log into games for a while (probably because bnet is too buggy). Again, best thing to do is just wait a bit.

If you "failed to join game" a game that you've just created, then trying to create it again will give you "A game with that name already exists". Trying to join that game, however, will tell you "Game doesn't exist".
This situation will sort itself out as well, just wait for a bit.

Last but not least, if you can log into bnet, but are unable to connect to any games (without any of the above being the case) --- that's another gateway issue with an overly restrictive packet filtering: bnet is hosted on a given IP address, but games are hosted on other addresses --- so if your configuration allows access to just one address for bnet you won't be able to access the servers with the games.


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With regards to Realm Downs, bnet keeps track of how often you enter/exit games, along with how often you change characters/accounts. The more characters/accounts you use, the lower tolerance bnet has for game entering/exiting. Also, bnet might confuse you with a bot if you exit from a game, character, and account too fast (by pressing esc rapidly) and realm down you for that as well.

I recommend waiting at least two minutes in a game before leaving and getting another character to avoid a realm down (especially when searching mules, or organizing items).

If you are just entering/exiting games with a single character (i.e. baalruns, mfing or trading games), you have a little bit more leeway. I would say wait 1-1 1/2 minutes before exiting to find another game.


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Diablo downloads the patch automatically and without asking for confirmation, so getting stuck at 3. might have the following reasons:

3a. Battlenet server for version checking or, if the latest patch has to be applied, the download server is down. Try again later.

3b. The latest patch has to be applied and because of your firewall, the game isn't allowed to access bnet via http (port 80). I'm not sure if the automatic update is performed like a download with a web browser, but I guess it's like that.

3c. You started the game with the -skiptobnet option right after installation and before applying the latest patch. The game actually downloads the patch, but the usual animation with Diablo and the red ball won't be displayed..Simply wait a few minutes. As long as the appropriate lights on your modem or router are blinking as if something gets downloaded, the download still is in progress.

Reason 3c has happened to me when I reinstalled the game a month ago because I forgot which keys I used on which of my computers and I needed clarity for certain reasons.


i found that the key to avoid most of these issues realy is patience

look around, chat a bit. you ll loose less time when you take 30 seconds more befor you join a new game than when you have to wait 15 minutes befor you can log in to bnet again.

also, if you get realm down, and you are on not static ip, rebooting your router may help


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krischan said:
Diablo downloads the patch automatically and without asking for confirmation, so getting stuck at 3. might have the following reasons:
To be precise, the game only does that when connecting to battlenet, not when you just play single player.


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All my realm downs last for 12 hours

for example, today I was leveling with my rookie barb in hell chaos with a group of peeps, and after the 6th game it fails to join, and gives me a realm down.


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A "failed to join game" is usually caused by lag spike from your isp. What kind of internet connection do you have?


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mhl12 said:
A "failed to join game" is usually caused by lag spike from your isp. What kind of internet connection do you have?
Not that kind of fail, it like just froze and I got an Unhandled exception error and now I have realm down still going on 11 hours


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before you were kicked off, did you switch a lot of chars really fast or join a lot of games within a short amount of time?

I've seen that unhandled exception error somewhere but i'm not sure what's the cause of it.

Bullet-Tooth Tony

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A few thing I noticed recently about the problem UNHANDLED EXCEPTION error and further "Failed to join game".
1) If you get an Unhandled exception error and then after restarting the game you can't join, rebooting system helps to fix it fore sure, with no need of additional waiting. Still needs some time for system to load and start all programs, which is very annoying.
2) After you've restarted the game after Unhandled exception you usually can't join games, but only with the character, that was active, when you got the error message. Very often in this case you still can join with other characters. And sometimes joining any game with other character and then quitting it helps to "fix" your character, that caused this problem.
Edit: it's nothing more than just my own experience. This may not necessarily work for people with different computers, type of Inet connection, provider, etc.


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just with the "cd key is in use buy "x"" i have had the problem and the name is mine... usualy happened after i drop. and it sayes for hours... how do i get rid of it?


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inatey said:
just with the "cd key is in use buy "x"" i have had the problem and the name is mine... usualy happened after i drop. and it sayes for hours... how do i get rid of it?
usually, it should just last for five minutes are so.

Something like that happened to me as well before. It seemed like someone had my cd key. The only solution that I found was to get a new cd key. If you find that this happens continuously, I would recommend buying a new game or mail your cd case back to blizz for a new key.


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I have found that when my connention is lost due my system, Bnet still thinks I'm logged on. That's why the think the key is in use. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to reset after first warning key is in use for me.


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Aggrivated by Realm Down? Me too. Here's something that's worked for me, albeit a little complicated, but it USUALLY cures my Realm Down.

From what I've read, Realm Down is simply a temporary IP Ban that BNet uses. From my old days networking and stuff in High School, I learned a couple tricks on how to get IPs for computers. I learned that IPs are done using MAC adresses, and this is how your IP gets assigned. Whenever we had a computer in the lab that had a duplicate IP, we'd have to give it a new one by reseting it's MAC adress, then refreshing it's IP.

I thought this same process would work for Realm Downs, and sure enough it does! I don't reccomend trying this unless you are at least fairly skilled with internet configurations, because you might screw something up real bad.

For those who use internet WITH a router, the easy way is to simply unplug and reset your router. When it gets reset, the MAC adress on it will change, so every computer on that router will recieve a new IP adress.

For those who use internet WITHOUT a router but NOT dialup, you've got a more complicated time. You'll have to go into your ethernet configuration settings, and change your MAC adress manually. I found that the best way to do this is to simply write down your old MAC adress, and manually change it so that the last pair of digits is 1 higher than before (ie: 02 becomes 03). This is done under your ethernet card, right click, properties.

For those on DIAL UP, I've heard rumor that you can simply just disconnect from your internet, restart your computer, and dial up again. Apparently, every time you dial into your ISP, you recieve a new MAC adress and IP. I haven't confirmed this though, as I play on a Cable connection.

Hopefully, this should fix your realm down woes. It's a solution that's worked for me in the past!

Heh, now all the botters have to do is make MAC adress repairers and then BNet wouldn't catch them. Well, unless BNet moved to temp CDKey bans which botters could fix by owning multiple copies. I think the best way to kill off the botters, if that were necessairly a good thing, would be to just temporairly ban accounts.


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im having a realm down right now and i have router with internet connection is adsl (i think). i unplugged all cables from my router when my computer was off so does comp need to be on when this unplugging is being done?


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Guide update

I've noticed that with the new patch 1.11 out, there may have been new connection messages including changes in realm down/temp ban messages. However, I do not play anymore. I created this guide during 1.10.

So if anyone wants to contribute to this thread to keep it up to date, feel free to do so.


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ummm your MAC address is set right into the NIC, I don't know how you change ROM chips, but the IP changing part sounds right


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What about the error message: is unable to properly identify your application version.

This is actually why i'm playing classic.