Base Dex with IK?


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Base Dex with IK?

Ive read in previous IK Set Threads that say you dont need to put any points into Dex when u equip the full IK Set. However IK set only gives abot +2000 atr (im not 100% on that but i know its close) and i dont see how i would have a good % chance to hit (about 80+) with only that. Could someone help me out here? Can I really keep Dex at base and still have a good % chance to hit with the IK Set equipied? Your persnal experiences would be greatly apprecited!


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Yes keep it at base

I have a level 83 WW IK barb, and I kept my dex at base. With the AR bonuses within the IK set, and my weak Ravenfrost ring (153AR), I have:

6837 AR with berserk (83% to hit enslaved in hell, a monster in act 5)
5574 AR with WW (79% to hit enslaved)

I'm doing fine with the AR. You can use grand charms with AR on them also if you really need it.

BTW remember that your level affects how well you hit against monsters. Also to put enough IAS into the IK maul to hit the last breakpoint (you need 30 I believe. I put in 2 Shaels).


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My lvl 86 ik barb has base dex, using a 200+ raven with no other addon sorces of dex and have never had any problems hitting anything even in 8 player games or pvp. Although i was doing fine before a duel shaeled or jewel maul with ias does help :) more so in pvp ive found