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Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

Discussion in 'Classic' started by barty, May 5, 2008.

  1. barty

    barty IncGamers Member

    Apr 29, 2008
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    Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

    The Classic Smiter has a few uses in classic, this one I built to combat Zonz using fc [I hate hackers]. The build is pretty simple and my first build guide,
    any additions and critiques are welcomed warmly. My character kills fc Zonz
    95% of the time, even with bo. Most of the time now zonz wont even duel me, so if u been looking for a way to demolish those pesky zonz here is a successful build to accomplish that goal.*Few things to note about smite will be added at the end of build guide.

    skill placement:without + skills gear
    20 smite
    20 holy shield
    16holy freeze [14 yard radius/ 53% slow]
    20 fana [ 35 ias / 373% enhanced dmg]
    1 salvation
    7 to pre-req. skills
    this build can be done at lvl 72 with all skills quests done [norm\nm\hell]
    Dueling methods:
    [VS Barbs]-
    SmiterS usually get owned by ANY type of WW barb[ive got 14 k def with some defiance and it dont seem to matter, ww hit too much even with max H/S] even noob ww barb, i dont recommend it, sometimes i do get lucky tho.[i dont reccomend freeze for WWbarbs because it slows their WW down and u get hit more, try using Fana].
    [Frenzybarbs] = easy kill,
    [Singer] = easy kill
    *By the way when dueling barbs, u want to have the walk mode selected, for when u run your chance to block drops dramatically.
    [VS Pallies]-
    [DIN]Only chance u have for clagging h-din is to catch them up against a wall or object in Bmoore and have fana on and smite the crap out of them.[freeze can help u catch them with with charge] Ive got a few hi lvls but this is a rare occurence, its hard to push them up against an object when u cant see them.
    [FOH] I would reccomend satcking as much Light res gear as possible, and using freeze to slow them, charge around [either use salv for poor res or freeze up to you] and up to them and try to land smites in quick succession, if successfull smite can kill foh pally in a few seconds.[use stacked shields if needed 2 soc barb or 3 soc dragon i reccomend]
    [SMITE] whoever has fastest attack speed and the most crusing blow will win, more life helps too:).
    [Zeal] Very easy, wak up and smite. death. u win.
    [VS Sorc]
    FIRE/LIGHT= stack up on res, charge around [either use salv for poor res or freeze up to you] until u get a hit, then start smiting, usually can kill a sorc if less than 1.5 seconds with fana on. *NOTE when you do get a string of successfull smites going, or an opponent up againt an object switch to fana for crazy dmg and speed, smite+fana will kill most characters in less than 2 seconds.
    [COLD]- i usually use a stacked shield [2 soc barbed p saph or 3 soc p saph dragon] to combat cold mastery. depending or ur resists [dont be afaraid to use thaw pots :p] id say charge after her with hfreeze or salv, and try to land a string of smites, again if stuck on an object smite away with fana.
    [VS Necro]
    [Bone] Best thing to do is stay away from bone necros, their build completely owns smiters.
    [Poison]never dueled one, same i suppose as a caster cahrge with salv/freeze depending on res, get a stun lock going, end it with fana.
    [bowzonz] dont stand a chance, just use freeze and charge till u are upon them and start the party with smite.If they use knockback try ur best to get close, all it takes is one smite to start a string that will kill them 1 sec flat:).
    [[FC ZON]]- i start off with holy freeze aura, to slow them down and make them easy to catch. the thing is they are usually standing still when they attack from 1.5 screens away so u already have an advantage, get them chilled[hfreeze] and stun them with charge, switch to fana and smite away, if they get away from smite string, use freeze to slow them, hit again with charge stun, then smite/fana and re-peat. Very easy, Very effective.Zig zagging never hurt anyone but i usually head in a strait line for the zon, to get there faster and prevent any more dmg from being dealt to me. they cant attack u when they are running from you, which is what they try to do most of the time. sometimes u can just leave freeze on and kill them, up to you but fana is a bit faster :).

    In my experience, 95% ww barbs> smite, 50%fire/light/cold sorc > good smiter good res,90% hdin>smite, 95% foh>smite, zeal<smite,
    and the reason i built, 99%FC Zon,< Smite, Decent BoneNec 100%>Anysmiter

    for stat placements:
    strength = 30-50 [ look for low str required, +str + res items]
    dexterity = 0 [ or as little as possible]
    vitality = everything
    energy = naturally none [my build just chugs blue pots as i charge, smite uses little mana]

    IMO, u will want as much life as possible on a smiter. Try to get as much +str/res gear as u can. it will allow u to use more points into vit.
    Gearing up a smiter can be difficult, before u do u need to understand a few things about smiters, heres a few basics i know of:
    1- smite is based on weapon range [short sword = smite range of 1, naga/exe/flail smite range of 3]
    2- crushing blow is your friend, open wounds is your friend,target slowed[clegs gloves/generals flail] is your friend, they all work with smite.
    3- + min ,+max, elemental dmg, poison dmg, will not work with smite. the only way to get a cold smite is to use iceblink armor, i dont beleive elitch/cold dmg ammies will stack but i havent tried so its a toss-up.
    4. smite is based on weapon speed, so if u are using a bhammer with smite, u will smite very slowly, or if u are using a dagger u wil smite very fast. there is a table i cannot find anymore with smite frames and ias with and without fana , if i can find again i will post a link[i beleive its permitted here]
    5. Cannot be frozen is GG for a smiter IMO, like fred i get cold i lag more and its gg VS. cold sorcies and helps lvling up pvm.
    6. Generals Flail [Also has 20ias/ range of 3 gg]/Goblin toes is my bread and butter for zonz, the added 50% slow with freeze aura really cripples them when u hit, ad switching to fana after u get a hit, the zon is usually dead before aura wears off GG.i do pre-buff witha +2 20 ias flail {which i use for barbs, generals is horrible vs barbs]
    7.shield type matters, and to get the res u need u will have to stack. i prefer 3 soc dragons for decent smite dmg +3 slots, sometimes i use 2 soc barbed tho just depends :p

    heres a quick rundown of my items i use during dueling [i am posting at work so forgive my clumsiness and bad punctuation]

    weap= generals vs all cept ww barb/ pre buff+2 20 ias flail vs ww barb
    helm= 3 soc 100 def mask PRuby/ Life helps, tarn or fhr res life helm nb here
    armor= Rcage[CB],Twitch[for ias/fhr] rare ornate 811 def 29/29 fr/lr fhr life
    belt + gloves = deaths[ias,unfreezeable,15 all res GG]
    boots= goblin toes[25%cb], rare 30/10 8 dex 40 fr 36 lr boots
    ammy= +1 pal 40 lr 38 fr 18 dex
    rings= basically change to diff +str +res depending on what ur dueling
    cold for cold sorc, light res for foh/zon etc.
    shield= prebuff +2 barbed, on standby 3 soc p saph dragon,2 soc barbs with 2 p dia/2 p top [ i use the+2 barbed for barbs/ or non elemental melee chars such as smiters, zealers, and frenziers for example.

    k guys, ive been posting at work [ cool job] sorry for punctuation mistakes n what not, but heres a simple guide to slaying those fc zonz, and most other melee chars except ww barbs. o btw, i get all my dex from items to use flails, range 3 fast attack speed weapons. best for a smiter imo, low req and good range. zz im out l8.
  2. danbus

    danbus IncGamers Member

    Oct 18, 2006
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    Re: Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

    I currently have a lvl 82 smiter.

    Does well vs barbs under lvl 70. But barbs over 70 require me to get bo/shout.
    My smiter has max hs/fana/smite/defiance. I'm working on maxing holy freeze.
    I will be finished at lvl 85. I have found that a higher lvl barb will always hit you even with 18k def. So at lvl 85, only few barbs are higher than that. You can search for the formula for PvP chance to hit.

    But normally, I can beat 1h barbs around my lvl without bo, but with bo it's easier.

    I use generals as my primary wep as I like to slow barbs to get more hits in.

    msg me when you can

    *danbus @ esccl
  3. crucialTK

    crucialTK IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Re: Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

    What kind of rings do you suggest?
    im having a ton of trouble... I get destroyed by sorcs.
    whats better, defiance or holy freeze...
    one more... what are the ias breakpoints(?)
  4. fledgeling

    fledgeling IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2005
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    Re: Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

    Probably strenght/life/resists rings

    Cold damage from etlich is not transferred via smite
  5. WarlockCC

    WarlockCC Diablo Classic Moderator

    Feb 21, 2006
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    Re: Bart's Classic Smiter build guide

    Prebuff with +skill equip that you take off after prebuff does not help your damage or your defence, only the length of your holy shield, which will only increase marginally.

    Cold damage from Etlich does not transfer over smite, cold damage from Iceblink does transfer over smite.

    I made a FC wrecking smiter a while back which also works against FoHdins :
    A smiter like that kills off FC zons 100% of the time, even if they have BO.

    As Fredsta once stated for his Cleglaws smiter: "most of the damage of smite comes from Holy shield, so often the str needed for higher damage shields is not worth it compared to the life you gain from those statpoints."

    I linked to your guide from the FAQ and builds sticky. If you want to update, just reply your updated guide and send me a message. I will replace the first post with your new guide.

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