Barrels, Urns and Crates..


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Barrels, Urns and Crates..

I, as the paranoid player that I am, kick every barrel, urn or crate I stumble upon.. I'm so Terrible afraid that the one barrel I don't kick will contain the most usefull items or runes!

Does anyone else here kick everything? Do you just run by them all? Is it a waste of time?

To my own experience I can say that at least in 1.10 on players 8 barrels bring nice rewards!

So far (lvl 60 necro, players 8 all the way, every crate, urn and barrel kicked, act 3 nightmare, just got the brain) I have noted the following items on my "what have I find in barrels paper":

4 rare Amulets
2 rare Rings
1 Unique Longsword
3 Tal Runes
2 Ort Runes
4 Ith Runes
1 Amn Rune
5 Jewels
1 rare Jewel
1 rare Naga
8 Flawless Gems (I didn't note anything less than flawless, too lazy)
1 Set Item Civerb's Cudgel
a dozen El, Eld, Eth runes

I love barrels!



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Hm dunno.. i never really opened many of them but this isn't the first time i hear nice thingsdropping from barrels/crates etc.
Maybe time to start checking them too :D


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I always kick them all, but never got anything worth to keep (never found runes), back to 1.09, I found one and only one uniq (amulet) from them (forgot where). Maybe just my luck :rant:


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It depends a lot on the mood I'm in. I'd say on average I kick about 30% of the barrels. The way I see it, as the game only determines what drops when I actually kick the barrel, there can't be anything in the barrel before kicking it. So if I don't kick barrels I won't miss anything, because it isn't there yet.

It's a little confusing, similar to the quantum cat... :scratch:

I always open shiny chests, though. Just the other day one of those in Hell Kurast Sewers dropped Lava Gout for me. :)

Dr. Strangelove

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i always kick barrels and chests, everything, sometimes i go backwards if i see i have missed one. best finds are, in 1.09 an ohm rune in the chest beyond meph at the backroom (never underestimate this chest!) and in 1.10 a gilded shield in durance2.

peace, NSK factory, and don't forget biscuits for smut


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Bolinbrooke said:
Lots of good stuff can come from barrels, chests and the like, you are wise to check every one of them :)
I you are wiser to just move on, so you can complete your run or act faster.


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I kick everything! On Bnet finds of note from the aforementioned:

War Travs
Ist Rune

In single player hrmmm given I haven't kicked 1/10o000 of the amount yet..a few really nice rares, saracen ammy today in a NM cow game with my sorc, Fal rune with my necro :D

A lot depends ont he char I am playing easy with necro to do it while your crew do the work and with sorc I use telekenisis - does anyone remember the Bnet days when you could inven ANY item with tele?? Hehehe so easy to steal stuff from under peoples noses.


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yes i'm a compulsive kicker..

especially when it comes to big clusters of them near monsters, always hoping for the big BOOM and a kill.

heck, i even try to run down the all the little scorpions etc in act 2


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I am a complusive kicker as well.

I got a nice variety of mid-level runes today from them. :thumbsup:


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i kick most of them too, i have gotten soem nice runes an items out of them... esp in 1.09 cow lvls :thumbsup:



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I found my first Swirling Crystal from a crate in NM Kurast

In fact crates and beds in Act 1 have been known to give uber chest drops I have seen screen shots with 4-5 rares or better from them.


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i have a bit of a habit that involves killing/breaking/opening everything in a level... i like to explore every single room of a tomb - not just where i have to go... i kick every barrel, open every check, check every corpse, kill every monster, etc... takes a lot of time sometimes.

but hey - sometimes i'll see a little monster in the corner of the screen and think about passing him - then my hoard comes and kills him and he pops out a flawless gem or something... so that usually makes me continue doing it that way.


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Ug Smash!

I habitually break everything, although I haven't found much good (closest was a Unique from a stash in Durance 2), and as any psychoanalyst will tell you that means I have a large quantity of repressed violence. Now if you'll excuse me...

*wanders off to un-repress his violence upon psychoanalyst*