Baron FirstBorn - 1.00 pike/WW barb


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As you may or may not know, I've never done a "character complete" thread before. No mat/pat thread, not even for my level 99 1.13 hammerdin. The reasons for this are manyfold. Most importantly that I never feel that a character can be complete, in any sense. And those few characters I have "completed", someone else have already done, and better. But enough of this.

FirstBorn's journey has been in tandem with my journey to explore this game in all its aspects and patches. I realized that 1.07 eth weapons weren't even close to the limit to what earlier patches could offer. After a few beers, and another few, and then yet another few, I came up with the idea of writing a grand guide, encompassing every possible benefit of going back to any official patch. I thought that was going to be hard, but I had no idea...

Just starting off a character in 1.00 is pretty tough. As years pass, games get easier. Oh boy have we seen that with D2! I remember playing "Eye of the Beholder" as a kid, hardly even understanding English. Now that was tough. D2, you can "just" hack your way through. However, in soviet 1.00, the game just might hack through you.

Speaking of hacks, just getting the game to run properly wasn't easy. Well, that was until I found out about @fearedbliss and his version switcher. Add in sven's glide wrapper, and voillá!

FirstBorn started out solo. He was determined to use pikes as his weapon of choice because:
- Lances can't drop until 1.04
- Low requirements
- Higher damage than most exceptional spears/polearms and most certainly the bugged maces
- Wide range, which comes in handy as WW attacks every. single. frame.
- Pikes drop a lot more often than the other viable options, and can be gambled.

He was also determined to use Whirlwind as his main skill because:
- 25 attack attempts per second cannot be beat by anything
- nostalgia

FirstBorn, true to his name, was the first character I started in 1.00. I was well aware that I didn't really know what I was doing, so I was very careful with his stats and skills. Too careful for SC, but not careful enough for HC. Luckily, we're not talking HC right now.

Thing is, there is no respec, no players command, hirelings can't be equipped and don't travel between acts, no charms for extra life, no circlet for high elemental damage (no high elemental damage at all, really... SoJ has the highest....) and no easy solution to anything.... So he struggled. A

After beating Andariel on normal on his own, I decided that FirstBorn would need some help. So I started four more characters, one of which was a sorc. I leveled the sorc for a bit, so that I could use Static Field and Glacial Spike to great effect. A push was made to reach the Canyon of the Magi, where I would park FirstBorn and three other characters in a corner, while running around the map with the sorc, causing maggots to spawn, then killing them with SF, GS, and Fire Wall.

The beauty of this was, that in a single game, everyone leveled from around lvl 13-17 to level 24 with no rejoining and repartying etc. And lvl 24 unlocked Battle Orders, the cue to take on Duriel.

I had dreaded Duriel, as in experiences in the distant past told me he could kill me before loading finished. However, I guess my processing power caught up with him. The experience was just like 1.13 when it came to loading. Static with BO'd sorc, then using Concentrate with some sword (I think, I put one into every mastery since pikes just wouldn't appear) made short work of him. He dropped my first pair of Magefists, which fortunately have the stats we know from 1.13. Awesome. As there are no cast delays on ANYTHING in 1.00, this helped my sorc spam firewall. Or... spam... not really, as she could only afford like 4 of them before running out of mana.

Act 3 was more or less rushed, alternating between the sorc for movement and static, then Firstborn for finishing moves. Mana pots can't be bought, but TP scrolls can. However, they DO run out, so I had to make trips to act 1 to buy them from Akara. I was in such a hurry that even health pots ran out, and I had to move all the mules away from act 3 to refresh vendors several times. No real problems with monsters, only the vampires close to meph became bothersome.

Act 4 saw FirstBorn's eventual rise to lvl 30, going from a wimp at lvl 29 to a freaking killing machine at lvl 30. A gambled pike with some slight enhanced damage and a gambled Hand of Broc made him around 20 times faster at killing. Which I exploited. Thoroughly. By the time we hit Diablo, we were level 30+ on all characters.

Nightmare was rushed. Teleport for speed (remember no cast delay? Full TP tome is all you need) and WW for melting monsters. At this time, I wasn't aware the Cow King could be run indefinitely, but I discovered it as I tried a few runs on NM cows. He seemed to drop very well, but I didn't know the mechanics at this point. He gave me my first few SoJs, and pretty much all the best unique armor pieces. Wormskull, Frostburns, Heavenly Garb, and a truckload of rares.

Hell was rushed in the same fashion. I believe the sorc was the highest level when we reached act 4, at level 50-something. The Chaos Sanctuary is NOT a pleasant place for ANY untwinked character nor party, so we left that out for a bit. It was time to see what good killing zergs (maggot young) could do.

game 2016-06-05 14-35-12-59.jpg

It did beyond all expectation! In a single game, I went from lvl 40-50ish to level 70+ on the main chars. I left a paladin at around lvl 33 (gambling reasons) and a necro at around lvl 50 (no reason except bored). It was around this time I came into contact with @Treeharl and learned about the mechanics for the Cow King drops. So Diablo had to go.

Off we went. It took two tries, and a LOT of potions and scrolls, but it got done. Diablo himself wasn't the problem, but the barrage of elemental damage in the CS proved to be a problem. I had to slowly nibble away at the OKs (anyone remember Iron Maiden?) and try not to get killed with a low HP low resist sorc. Using FirstBorn was just too dangerous.

We made it, in the end. FirstBorn got his Baron status.

However, his work had only just begun. I was curious about the Cow King, and ran him for quite a while. Producing drops like this one

game 2016-07-12 00-50-19-24.jpg

Which ultimately netted him this ultima weapon:

game 2016-07-30 23-41-20-56.jpg

However, that durability.... It bugged me for ages! I did find a better one, which is part of the final gear listed, but I never saw that high damage again.

FirstBorn was essentially complete, however, I had grander plans for him. At the time, he was used for leveling mules and collecting gems for forwarding. Diamonds and Amethysts went to 1.10a where they still wait. Topazes, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies went to 1.07 where they were turned into various rings and crafted items. But the skulls.... The skulls were cubed, then transferred to 1.06b to cube rare amulets to get the ilvl 99 ones which can have +2 skills. Which 1.07 can't!

As flawless gems don't drop, I became obsessed with the thought of gambling them directly. This meant a massive leveling session. I rushed a batch of 6 sorcs and one barb, mostly for forwarding to 1.07 after making the mistake of forwarding the startout sorc, vastly underleveled and with the wrong set of skills. Then the level grind started. In one single game, 7 characters went from level 1 to level 70+, ALL exp coming from maggot eggs and maggot young. It was a slaughter. It was a repair fest, as 1 minute of maggot whirling would deplete 25 durability. It also resulted in around 200 of each game type. Which meant mules had to be created, and one char had to run between games to mule off.

At last, I reached the first level to gamble +2 skills directly. 86 would give me a 10% chance of ilvl 90. However, I gambled more of them than expected. So I forwarded a batch of +2 amulets to 1.07 to use ATMA to check ilvl. And BOOM! ilvl 8_8 is good enough in 1.00-1.06!!

Now, I had my final solution planned! I would hurdle up and kill all the... champions in act 4 hell that I could, with as much goldfind as I could, to reach as high a level as I could, and gamble as many amulets as possible!

And today, this effort is nearing completion! I just made lvl 90 with FirstBorn! Three more levels, and he'll assure ilvl eighty-eight on every gamble. With goldfind gear all but weapon (no spear with goldfind) rings (need upgrades, but need a LOT of luck to get them) and armor (no armor with goldfind), he makes 1 000 000 in ten minutes on average. It takes about as long to spend it, as amulets don't always show in the gambling screen.

To top this post off, I'll provide gear:

and an example run

Future plans is lvl 93 for better gambling odds, finding rings as good, but with goldfind, and finding a map similar to this one, but with Urdar champions instead of Maw Fiends. (Urdar champions are lvl 84, compared to 82 for Maw Fiends. Makes for faster leveling).

I hope you enjoyed reading my first "character complete"-thread.




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The smoking man speaks. Now that's how you write a mat/pat thread.

I am constantly impressed at the ways we have learned how to break this game. I would never have thought of all the terrifying monsters in this game that the ultimate enemy would be maggots.


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Nicely done. It's great how we can go back on a game that's two decades old, find all the exploits in each patch and then milk them. 1.00 is especially fun since it's still technically part of the original beta.

@pharphis Notice how the boxes around the items are slimmed down? They did that in patch 1.09. So that character was forwarded to 1.09+. Also, his resistances say "75" instead of "MAX".


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@helvete Very well done sir! Nice to see your first Pat Guide (now put it in the mat/pat compilation so i can find it back in the future :)


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I may have to use my laptop in an attempt to do some time traveling. I don't want to take a chance on screwing up the game on my PC since it runs perfect and GoMule works as well.

I have my original Diablo 2 box I purchased way back when on release day. I remember getting all excited waiting for the gate to lift at the Electronics Boutique in the mall. The price tag at the time was 59.99, which was kinda expensive back then. Then I rushed home to install the game in my newly purchased Gateway computer that I bought specifically for D2. Of course my first character was a Sorc, and I proceeded to get slaughtered over and over. But, I LOVED it!

The problem is that some time ago I let my stepsons Grandpa borrow those discs during a break in playing the game. Later on when I started back again I just bought a battle chest since it was easier than tracking him down. I figured, meh, what would I ever need the original discs for anyway? It's not a big deal really, even if I never get into time traveling, but I would like to have the original discs for sentimental reasons.


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I have to give it up to @helvete for getting me into classic with his guides. I was too young to play D2 when it came out. I first played it on the family PC and we had classic installed with no patches (no internet at the time). The game blew me away, it topped anything the consoles ever had. But years passed and the original game faded until recently.

For nostalgia I got the original release off eBay. Only owned the Battle Chest before that. Here's some pics of what I have and a little info if you want to find one for yourself:
Everything in the series. Only counting stuff made by Blizzard North (no Diablo III). The Diablo I disc is the original from 1996 and has no mention of Macintosh. They reprinted it in 1998 with the proper trademarks.

Original 1.00 and 1.07 discs. 1.00 cds do not mention Macintosh anywhere (like the original Diablo I disc). The serial on the discs begins "S709xxxx" while the reprints say "S711xxxx". Version is written as just "1.0" where as newer discs say "Version 1.0" or "Version 1.03". They also do not say "Made in USA".

Also if your looking to find a 1.00 disc set, the back cover has the "Year 2000 Compliant" dialog. Reprints from 2001 and on do not have this.


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Thanks for posting that video, I had never seen 1.00 ww in action. That is so effective! Nice build. How slow is the leveling over 80?


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Yeah several skills were great in 1.00 that really got botched later on.

Leveling past 80 sucks. The XP bar is also really buggy so you can't rely on it. With the right map you could get to 90-91 in reasonable time. Past that would take ages. Your looking at thousands of Diablo runs!


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Yeah several skills were great in 1.00 that really got botched later on.

Leveling past 80 sucks. The XP bar is also really buggy so you can't rely on it. With the right map you could get to 90-91 in reasonable time. Past that would take ages. Your looking at thousands of Diablo runs!
Yeah, ww is usable nowadays, but pales in comparison to sorc skills, hammers, traps etc. I wish it were more effective!

Ah, that does not sound fun! That is probably my favorite feature of 1.09. I can't say it is the easiest, but it is certainly one of the easier patches to hit 99 on.


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I think something like 93 or 94 would be doable, but that would have to be Urdar champions. They're lvl 84, and with a map with four of them right next to the WP, you could run them in like 10-12 seconds per run.


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Great job! You have been a huge inspiration and a guidance to us newer 1.00 players lately. Thanks again :)

I'm taking the same steps with my 1.00 Barb right now, and I think I'll try to achieve the same goal (lvl 93). "Only" 10 levels to go for me.

Have you tried the dual Patriarchs and Rattlecage setup yet? I don't feel like gambling that armor yet, maybe it will drop while I try to improve the items overall.


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I don't have a rattlecage, and it's the wrong mastery. My sword barb is way too low lvl to gamble amulets too, so motivation isn't at peak level. Might be good to use one patriarch an one rare exec sword.


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I see. Well it works great with a Pike, anyway. 1 million in ten minutes ain't too bad!

I actually thought about that Patriarch + rare exec myself btw. It could be really good, something to test at least.


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The key is to find a good map, and a good "killing route". By alternating where you run, and where the champs die, you'll get different drops. It is possible to fine-tune a run so that all four champs drop high gold every run.


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Yea I suspected that this could be the case cause that seemed to be obvious with one of my earlier maps. Current one clocks 11m 15s for one million (tried once only), let's see if I can fine tune that one a bit...


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Having popables which drops (superior) harpoons in the route helps a lot with gold too. ;)
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