Barbs ww:frenzy:conc


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Barbs ww:frenzy:conc

I have always loved the barb. He was my first char when D2 came out, and I still play a wwbarb right now. My question is this: I have read countless thoughts and ideas and I have my own personal thoughts on it as well, but I still can't figure out the best attack from the Barb. I mean most people will say that WW is his best attack with enough points in it. You keep a point in berserk for those fun phys. immunes. This is also the similar build to conc barbs... 1 point in berserk. I have also tried frenzy barbs, but you have to have such good gear to walk around w/o the shield that I shy away.
I don't hack, and I don't like ebay all that much. I have seen some great cases for the WW barb simply do to its attack style. I have also read and witnessed a frenzy barb solo uber trist.
He just frenzied the the big guys and then WW the minions once he was done. Very fun to watch, but I am still unsure of the exact right build to really feel comfortable in almost any situation solo. I mean if I have a necro with me, or a well built sorc, we can walk around hell all day.... but alone my ww is not always the best (I HATE IRON MAIDEN) as I am sure you all do if you like barbs at all.

Maybe I am looking to hard for a the #1 way to do things, when I should appreciate the fact the Blizzard actually tried hard to balance things and let us be creative so that there wouldn't be a million ww barbs if that was the absolute best build.
Any thoughts?



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Well for me frenzy and WW are top choices, i use a frenzy gold find barb and a pvp WW barb.

WW i think is better in most cases, i.e even in pvm due to better crowd control while still doing good dmg, frenzy can kill very fast as well, but is a nono for pvp. The other builds can work but there just not as feasible as ww or frenzy imo.

Having no shield is not a problem once u have decent life size, high or good mana and life leech + alittle DR and respectable res u should be fine without a shield.


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1 point in berserk will get you around iron maiden/PI enemies. That's how most of us handle it.

All and all, whirlwind is the best build/skill, for general PvM and all PvP. Frenzy and Conc only really have an advantage in uber trist, since they can trigger life tap and have very low mana costs.