Barbs using 2H'ers


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Barbs using 2H'ers

I think Blizzard should allow in the next patch for barbs to take other two handed weapon, not just swords, and use it one handed with either another weapon or a shield.

A barb should be able to wield a maul in one hand a shield in another. That would be sweet.


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Barbs can already do that, it's called a warhammer(in relation to your maul example)
In fact, warhammers(and their exceptional and elite kin) do considerably more damage then mauls if you could hold a maul with 1 hand. (Check the swords, you get far less damage from them when they are used 1-handed)
Even if they took their time to implement all the graphical changes, I don't see how this would be an advantage. easier to store more maul type weapons ?
Or perhaps you would wish to hold spear class weapons, with their range 5, in 1 hand.


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I had the idea once, and not just for barbs: Make two separate requirements, one for two handed use, one for one hand use. The one hand use would require 50% more strength then two handed use (Try picking up a 50kg weight with two hands, and then with one hand) So a thunder maul, which has a two handed requirement of 253 strength, would then have a requirement of [253*1,5=380] strength. This should be available for any class, and then barbs should have lower requirements for one hand wielding. Same aplies to dexterity. Maybe 50% isn't the best balanced number, but something like that, symbolizing the strenght and agility needed to succesfully wield a heavy weapon in one hand.

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What I think they should do for 2H weapons is make a new item that goes in the empty slot. It would give a small % chance to block, say a range from 5-25% chance. It would NOT work with bows/Xbows, as the second slot is used by arrows/bolts. I realize that with Magic Arrows you don't need arrows/bolts, but it is purely disabled for bows imo. How to obtain this item? A new World Event, against a new monster, I'm thinking something with slightly less life than the ubers, but immune to curses, and having the PvP nerfs done to lessen the impacts of some things. A few other things would be beneficial of course, but this is just a tiny idea to revitalize 2H weapons.


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I love the idea of making atleast maul able to be wielded in one hand. It would make Immortal Kings set loads more usefull for ww barbs.


It would make sense that they would let you use two swords along with a light or medium-weight shield.

It would be like a barbarian wearing a buckler or heater on his forearm while weilding one sword in each hand. This way you can dual attack and keep a small chance to block. If they simply stack the str requirement, it would be possible to do this.