Barbarian quotes

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Barbarian quotes

Ok, I know this is supposed to be about building them and all, but just curious if anyone has any idea what the barbarian says after killing Baal. I couldnt catch what he said.


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Hehe, just use a table editor and all of the frases that your character will say are there. I typed out the phrases when you kill baal for all characters:

Sorc: The last of the three has fallen
barb: the prime evils ar no more
nec: baal, never doubt my skills
pal: baal, you shall no longer taint this mortal realm
ama: my work here is truly done
assa: the evil brotherhood is no more
dudu: baal! join your brothers in oblivion


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"I was just beginning to like the darkness" when you finish the claw viper quest in act 2... what a badass