Barbarian PVM builds question


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Barbarian PVM builds question

Hey so I have started a barbarian it is the class I enjoy the most. I am new to this game and am not sure which build/guide to use for PVM. I didn't want to try a guide because in this game it seems like you can not reset talent points/stats.
So I was wondering which guides for barbarian I should be looking at links to the guides would also be nice. I also tried the barbarian forums I was not sure. I am just a starter I would like a guide that is geared towards pvm and that I can kill bosses alone to get items because most of my items are really bad. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you need any information please ask.


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Re: Barbarian PVM builds question

Barbarians are hard to start, because you really need to have a decent weapon.

I would suggest going for the Sword/Mace/Axe mastery. Each of these masteries have One and Two handed weapons to choose from.

Your main attacks should be Concentrate and Whirlwind.

Also with any barbarian, you should max Battle orders. Maxing shout will be one of your last skills to max. Both warcries are great.

Quick Summary of what you need :

100-180 strength
base dex - 170ish dexterity
150+ Vitality
base energy


20 whirlwind
20 battle orders
20 mastery
20 shout
1 concentrate
1-5 natural resistances
1 increased speed
1 increased stamina
1 iron skin
1 berserk

Notes : For your dexterity, it varies on if you want to use a shield, and what class of weapon you choose. Maces for example do not need dexterity ( excluding flails) Some axes do not require dexterity. Swords need dexterity.
If you go the route of a shield, you need roughly 2 dex per lvl to maintain your block %.

I normally do about 2 str/2 dex/1 vitality per lvl. You can tone down the strength some if you find you don't need more, or you have items that provide it. The same goes for dexterity. But never add anything into energy.

Also, you only need one point into concentrate. Maxing battle orders adds damage to it, due to the synergy.

Best of luck :p


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Re: Barbarian PVM builds question

Melee character usually need expensive equipment to survive well in hell mode. The cheapest barb build I can think of is the IK barb, a barb of the mentioned build (1 skill point in natural resist is enough) with the full IK set and Angelic amulet + 2 Angelic rings (set items). The IK armor costs a bit, but the rest can be bought for pgems. If you can afford it, get Metalgrid or Highlord's Wrath, Ravenfrost and a dual leech ring. A torch and perhaps an Annihilus will be more than enough to maximize your resists.

Have 2 javelins with +3 warcries in the weapon switch. Anya sells them, but it needs a couple of shop visits until you have a pair. I suggest to visit Anya in nightmare, that reduces the amount of javelins with too high dex reqs - an IK barb doesn't need any dex. If you haven't solved the Nihlathak quest or missed the waypoint in there, you will have a portal next to her, to reset her inventory (assuming that nobody else is in Harrogath at the same time).


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Re: Barbarian PVM builds question

Build a gold find barb :). Why?
1) Because it's very useful
2) Because he's cheap to make
3) Because you'll always have a source of BO/BC
4) Because frenzy'ing through nightmare with 2x alibaba's PWN :')