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Barbarian needs goals

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by angerwagon, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. angerwagon

    angerwagon IncGamers Member

    Jan 17, 2011
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    Hey all I have a 94 single player (slash legit LAN party) self-found/LAN-found barb that needs some direction. What interesting things could I do with this char next (short of respec)? The only thing on my radar right now is searching for better charms.

    Here's my equip:
    Grief zerk axe
    Stormshield + Sol
    Arreat's Face + Sol
    Fortitude Kraken Shell
    Laying of Hands mitts
    String of Ears
    Raven Frost
    Dual steal rare ring + resists (AND 7 LIGHT RADIUS SUPER IMPORTANT)
    goblin toe (upgraded of course... lol)

    Astreon's Iron Ward + Shael
    Thundergod's Vigor
    +3 warcry amulet (mainly ignored)

    Gheeds and 178 life, 10 run/walk, 15 all resist, 350 AR, 10 strength, 11 lightning, 22 poison, 42 mf (counting gheeds)

    might merc:
    reaper's toll, veil of steel, arkaine's valor + topaz

    enough to equip, then vit

    max shout, max BO, max WW
    17 axe mastery, 5 battle cry, 2 natural resist
    1 in every skill except unused masteries and War Cry

    play style:
    Originally conceived as a character for shrugging off damage, this gradually evolved into the final form of my barbarian play style (of which the Immortal King set was a long diversion). I levelled in a party of mostly noobs at an all-weekend LAN party that featured such drama as 5/7 characters being murdered rapid fire in the Hell tomb of tal rasha followed by me ordering the surviving (veteran) sorc to "get to the choppa". She panicked and teleported into a room in which was literally wall to wall skeletons framed by champion Unravelers in the corners. The only open space was where she had appeared. The dude playing the sorc literally screamed and then the power in the house went out. (It was just a breaker trip so we were able to keep playing after the reset, and didn't even lose that much progress)
    Once leveled, I played a lot with one or two friends in ad hoc lans (yes I would, in the year 2008+ take my computer over to someone's house) a ton of players8 Baal and what-not. It was here that the motto of this barbarian surfaced - "How Amusing", mainly uttered when being dealt a staggering amount of punishment that would have felled a lesser creature (such as a paladin /ducks).
    I played a ton with a paladin who had an exile, upped guardian angel, azurewrath, and related paladin paraphernalia, most of which was given to him by our LAN community. Also the cockiest player I've ever met, which is why we gave him stuff - it was awesome how much cockier he could be with it than we could. Our third was sometimes a sorc, necro, or another barbarian.

    The reason my merc is Might and not Freeze is because of the party. The paladin already ran a holy freeze merc you see.

    Still, I played a lot more alone, and in that case my merc was almost 100% dead anyway due to players8.

    Play style:
    buff up, whirl around, use Frenzy to move faster between enemy groups, use battle cry on groups to make them weaker, concentrate when in party to hold monsters in place for artillery, berserk vs. PI

    many other skills were mainly for gags, but can be useful sometimes (Taunt, Howl, Totem, Find item)...

    switch in thundergod when dealing with black souls to be healed by lightning
    switch in astreon's for Baal/Diablo/etc. for way more crushing blow hits (no need for Stormshield there)

    Biggest regret:
    Dying to this situation

    (also have a 91 sorc with 460 mf and level 38 fireball/meteor, which is where a lot of my item finding came from)
  2. Urkbrug

    Urkbrug IncGamers Member

    Mar 25, 2007
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    I do a lot of things with my 96 barb, mainly running Nith, fighting the council and looting the corpses and chaos runs where I loot corpses.
    I love looting corpses
    also good to get organs!
  3. angerwagon

    angerwagon IncGamers Member

    Jan 17, 2011
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    OK, I'll try looting corpses.

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