Barbarian Madness - My SC untwinked 99 melee barb


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It will be a pretty long post, so prepare for a substantial amount of reading XD I will talk a little bit about my d2 "career" first and then why and how i came with an idea of doing this particular barb that this thread is about along with a write up about him, screenshots, clips and some memories. You can skip to the third paragraph if you aren't interested in reading about my "career".

My D2 history

I've been playing that one popular mod for like 2,5 years already (started in november 2016). Did a few chars there (lvled up a sorc to 97 and a barb to 98). That barb was ment to be a pitzerker, cause my main objective was to finish The Holy Grail. I got the necessary gear and created him in june 2017. Did about 20k pitruns with him, got many cool and rare items, but sadly not a single tyrael's... Was watching youtube videos and reading guides created by many players from this forum. I started watching @Bewitch's streams in early 2019, discovered @drmalawi's channel on youtube, met @Luhkoh and some other players. I was a little bit bored with grailing, so i decided to lvl up my pitzerker to 99. After hitting 98 with him i realised that there is something more interesting than what i am doing and I created my untwinked barbarian (mainly because of @Bewitch's influence and also a fact that barb is probably my favourite class). I wanted a challenge and that was a really tempting possibility, because i have never done an untwinked barb playthrough and wasn't that much familiar with untwinked stuff at all XD

Early game

Untwinked barb was created on 4th of May if i'm not mistaken and was ment to get to 99 with using only melee builds (did a fresh installation, patched it to 1.14d, downloaded gomule, RWM mod and glide). I went with double swing from the start (typical stuff) and switched to frenzy later on. Went through normal without many problems and farmed eldrich for lvls. Don't remember what lvl i was when i started nightmare, probably something like lvl 40. Farmed countess to make dual black runeword. Got to NM Andy and farmed her a little bit for basic gear. Then i rushed to NM mephisto and was switching between farming those 2 for some time. I remember getting 290+ ed ribcracker from Meph which was supernice. When i had pretty much all i needed, that is good weapons and some cb gear, i rushed to act 5 and farmed eldrich once again till i was like lvl 72. Then i went to hell which wasn't that much fun, but i was determined, got some more lvls and items and was able to farm hell Andy. Switched to WW with upped ribcracker. Got some end game items like Gface, LoH, Gores, Raven etc. from her and decided to switch to Meph, cause i still needed reaper's and kira's for my merc. Got those 2 pretty fast. I don't really remmeber when i started running LK, but i was definitely mixing it up with farming Andy and Meph and pits for 5os PB (i go the first one in act 3 during the playthrough). I focused on LK more when i had like 1 item left or something like that (respeced to full FRW build with maxed increased speed). The most lucky part was getting a random Lo rune drop in catacombs lvl 4 when farming andy. I was able to make the first Grief early on. Tried running trav, but it wasn't that much fun. Runes for enigma came pretty fast, but the second Lo rune was very stubborn. I cubed up all the way from mal to get the second grief.


Started baalruns on lvl 90 and did them all the way to 98. Was using typical gear: Gface, Enigma, dual Grief, Highlord's, String of ears, LoH, Ravenfrost, dual leech ring, Gores and dual HotO on switch, cause 105 fcr breakpoint wasn not needed to run baal at all and a little bit of life is always welcome. Merc was using Reaper's for decrep, Kira's for CBF and Treachery for ias and faster decrep proc. I had a hard time finding eth base for Treachery, so he was using ~250 def one for many lvls XD I tried many playstyles when killing the waves. I think my preferable one is teleporting to the middle of the pack, casting maxed War Cry to stun the mobs, WW them to death or WW for a little bit and recast War Cry to keep them stunned. It was especially helpful against wave 5, which is definitely the hardest wave for barb. Manaburn Lister is annoying and might/fana can really hurt you and obliterate your merc if you forget about him. Wave 2 is pretty tough too and can hurt sometimes, but can't compare it with wave 5 at all.


On 98 i did around 2,6k LK runs (insane), cause i still needed 1 sur rune to make Beast. After getting it i switched to Conc and farmed nihla to get to 99. I came with a balanced build for nihla at first (safety was my priority, dmg and runtimes weren't that much important). I was using Grief as mainhand, Beast as offhand, iDR circlet and amulet, blood gloves with dual leech, random fcr ring with life leech, String of ears and dual wizzy on switch (I knew that using gface and highlords for a little bit faster runs will get me killed by vipers a lot). After a while i came to the conclusion that i don't need 17% life leech and can probably change my setup a little bit to get more health, cause i was mainly focused on not dying and not killing nihla 0,2s faster. So i switched to Magefist (to get to 105 fcr breakpoint), dual leech ring with useful stats (my only source of leech), Dungo's and HotO+Suicide Branch on switch (to boost BO). Swaped charms to AR/life ones, cause gain from max dmg GCs was marginal. Ended up with 500 more health (around 4,9k) and pretty much the same runtimes. I was really tempted to farm some gold and gamble for dual leech ring with FCR, so i can swap Suicide Branch to HotO for even higher BO boost, but decided that it's not worth it. Merc was using Reaper's obviously, Delirium and Treachery/Gbane. I think he is a little bit more tanky with Gbane, so it is a better armor in my eyes. I did a few thousands runs with maxed Howl and a few thousands runs without it. Both have their own pros and cons. Howl keeps ghosts away, so they don't manaburn you. It can also keep other mobs away, but not vipers. Those sneaky bastards will throw their javelins at you no matter what and merc has a hard time dealing with that dmg bug most of the time. Had to res him a lot even with Gbane. What is nice though is that he dies quickly, so your char is more or less safe, cause you are no longer loosing health to bugged physical dmg of viper's clouds. Cons of casting Howl is loosing time (8 frames XD) and making some mobs run away from you which opens a way for nihla to run around. You don't see it often, but it's a little bit annoying (keep in mind that nihla can teleport, so you will have to chase him either way).


I was doing some chaos runs for essences of terror, cause i was finding an upgrades and wanted to respec to fully utilize them. Did it a few times... I died many times with this barb but wasn't paying that much attention to deaths, cause it was SC (it was also my first untwinked char and i wasn't that much familiar with lvling up a barb xD). I didn't die at all on 97 and died only once on 98. I am still a little bit pissed about that death, cause it was due to my stupid mistake, but whatever...

Run Counter screenshot:

I would estimate total time spent on this char for about 320 hours.

Most important Clip:

Link to my "Untwinked Barb" youtube playlist (many clips from this barb including lvl ups, build videos, some funny moments and many drops there):

Highrunes that i found: 2 Ohm, 2 Lo, 4 Sur (LK), 2 Ber (LK), 1 Jah. I have no idea how many Vex runes i found... Probably like 2/3.

Some screenshots of drops:

Links to my posts in UT99ers thread in the spoiler below:

Future plans

Lvling to 99 wasn't the only thing i wanted to do with this barb. I still have to fight my demons from the past and finish the grail. I thought it would be an extremely cool thing to do Untwinked 99 and The Holy Grail with the same char. First part is done, i have to work on the second part now. I am planning to make a thread about my Holy Grail, don't know if it would be an interesting thing to read for people on the forum though... Currently at 465 items found and 37 items left. Mostly lacking the rarest items in the game, but i have spent a lot of time grinding with a different barb, so those won't be a big problem on the current one to be honest. There is that one item which causes troubles no matter what you do though... The Blue Wonder... Tyrael's might as it is called in the game. That's a really tricky one but i have the feeling that my journey will end with a success!

Thanks everyone for the support especially to @Bewitch, @drmalawi, @Luhkoh and @Kinkara! It was an honour to do this project together with you!

See you around!

PS Ask if you have any questions ^^
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Great acomplishment!!! This write up was a pleasure to read, and I wish you the best of luck with your next project!


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Grats again! As @PhineasB mentioned in the general 99 thread, this is likely the first of three untwinked 99ers finishing within just a couple of weeks, which never happened before. Cool to see more newcomers join this and getting it done. And quickly on top of that, considering you only started in May, getting all the 1-99 running done in such a short amount of time! Great stuff.


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Huge congrats!!! Been a pleasure seeing you progress with this barb, and on quite a nice timeframe as well. You definitely should make a thread for him imo as he moves onto becoming a pitzerker. And please post stuff about map rolling and evaluation as well as gearing and grail progress. I'm definitely hoping to read about all that :). Very nice writeup too. I'm glad you kept good records with many clips.


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This is a great accomplishment. Your dogged determination and your ability to switch it up on the fly is impressive. You've got me inspired to get to 98 by Feb 1 2020. When I hit 99, I'm going to try again ssf like you did, but I think it'll take me twice as long as it took you.
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Congratulations, but most of all: Well Done!!
Having 1 char complete the grail and 99 seems very cool for sure! I wish you good luck with his next quest!


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Thanks everyone!

@ffs Yeah, it's very nice that there are more and more people in UT99er thread. I focused 99,9% on this barb, so this isn't something spectacular imo (spent like 2 hours on other chars overall XD).

@Luhkoh It was a pleasure to me too. Now is your turn with that sorc ^^ I will make a thread, but not now. Currently farming chaos for essences and checking what would be the best setup to find cow king's set (note that i will be using this char only for the grail, so i have to farm cows. No killing king for me).


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@Pb_pal Working on getting cow king's set at the moment. Will try to finish the grail and then maybe i will do something productive. HC untwinked 99 barb incoming XD


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@T72on1 Thanks! I wanted to make this write-up a little bit like a guide, so people who will attempt UT 99 barb have something to read.

Added links to my most significant posts in UT99er thread.