Barbarian Dual Wield Question


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Barbarian Dual Wield Question

I have a few questions about dual weapon wielding barbs and the special stats they receive from the weapons.

1) looking at the character screen, is the left weapon slot the primary slot?

2) and if there is a primary slot (left/right of character screen), will a barb receive attacking bonuses from both weapons? (if one weapon has 30% crushing blow and the other has 10% life leech). Or will a barb only receive attacking bonuses from both weapons after using both weapons, such as in a frenzy attack?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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all mods on those weapons work then.
u would have 30 crushing blow and 10 % life leech.

for the weaponspeed thing and the inside of frenzy skill i am the wrong. i never was in the mood to understand it but u get a link for a weaponspeed calc that allows u to check speed with frenzy for xample. maybe u can work the theory out on your own with using the calc.
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Sorry to say Jedi, you're wrong.

If CB is on one weapon, it won't work with the other.
Same goes with Leech.
This goes for WW, frenzy, Double Swing etc... None of the mods are carried over if they're attack mods. Ex: Prevent Monster Heal, Leech, CB, Ed%.

They will carry over if they're character mods. Ex: Resists, Stats, Skills.

If the CB or Leech is on Equipment other than the weapon, that mod Will work on both.

Left Side of the screen is the primary Side. (Actually, it's the barb's right hand)