barbarian build-up


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barbarian build-up

i just started playing diablo 2 and i wanna beat it in single player.
so i just want to know who should i start building up my barbarian
and where should i be placing my skill points.

thank you.


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Welcome to the forums...and do what Bonanas tells you:) I'd pick Concentrate if it's your time in Diablo II, h's probably the easiest route to go if you don't have good gear...


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Also you should talk to the people in the single player forum they should beable to tell you every thing you ever wanted to know and more.


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You should try Whirlwind builds since its easy to make and quite powerful. Check out the WW guide stickied.


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If your planing SP then:
1.Go for cons or frenzy, personal i found cons Barbs survive longer than frenzy and is more suited for untwinked chars.
2.Farm norm andy,norm Pindel(also good for xp), and at about 40-45 go for NM
3.After hitting act3 nm Mef your heart out
4.And finaly enjoy the game.

Welcome to adictive world of Diablo


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They are the two threads stuck at the top of the barbarian forum: "Barbarian Build Guides + Other useful Information; CHECK HERE BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS" is the one you want. They are prefaced with the word "Sticky:" before the title.



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Bliss of Death said:
hehe you can tell i'm new but ..... were are the sticky's??? i just cant seem to find a build ^.^ wow i feel dumb

"BARB GUIDES HERE" Short & simple,the longer you make it the less prominent it becomes.