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any-one know about this?, from my experience with my botd gpa barb (who rocked pub games) the MAXIMUM range on ww is 3, to check this try this simple test:
put some ar crap on a ww barb using a polearm with 5 range or more
get a smiter using a range 3 axe
get smiter to shift smite while barb wws just out of reach, notice pala is NOT hit, and if he is, he usually hits you back (exception is that he blocks instead of hitting on a well timed ww)

very annoying, took me around 2-3 months to figure out something was wrong with my range, luckily for me i had 2nd trick up sleeve for killing smiters called widowmaker :D, widow him from over a screens range away, if he charges/teles at u or moves to into your screen switch immediately and start wwing, they either decide to hold left click on u where most people with brains can pwn em ez from here or stand still where u repeat widow use, works 95% of time

Lord Nyax

Better test: Stand right outside the Smiter's range. Then try and Zerk him or Conc him...if you hit, prolly not bugged. If you can't, something might be wrong.