Barb with Bul-Kathos' children


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Barb with Bul-Kathos' children

I just found it and i decide to build good barb to play pvm with BKchildren, can someone guide me a little? my idea is to add lying hands and (this is high end) chains of honors to make huge %versus demons/undead, but i have no idea to which skills and synergies invest?
Big thanks to everyone who will help me to build this barb.


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DistortedRiff said:
Maybe a berserker? Since you can't use a shield, why not just screw defense for huge damage..

ww??? good for handling packs possibly? and will probably keep you from getting hit as much without a shield?? plus those swords might be to slow for frenzy but witha shael in each of them they should reach last ww breakpoint...


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For WW, you should put 15 IAS in the Mythical Sword (ED/IAS) and 20 IAS in the Colossus Blade (Shael). I used BK set for a long time in 1.09 on my MFer with WW and it worked very well..especially with LOH. Usually you are whirling through monsters so the knockback gripe is a bit overrated in my opinion. Against demons and undead, I think the killing power is nearly equal to 2 x 270/15 GFs. One drawback is 124 the dex requirement on Mythical Sword.
I have questions about stats and skills and items also, I'll be mainly PvM since this is my first Barb ever(yes, pathetic). My gear looks like this ATM:
Leviathan 19/42
Verdungo(I can get perfect with my Arachnid)
Nature's Peace
Raven Frost
Gore Riders or Sandstorm Trek?
I need suggestions on sockets, and I also want to know how much STR, DEX I should have. Thanks for your time and effort.

For skills I only have these certain:
20 Shout
20 BO
20 Sword Mastery
1 in each of the four Passives
Either 20 WW or Berserk?


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Go 20 ww, 20 Berzerk with no shield= dead meat, and also you will be using only 1 sword to attack with Berzerk, losing the point of the set IMHO.

I would ditch the Nature´s Peace because i like to use find item on the corpse of the monsters, and Nature´s Peace won´t allow for it to happen...

Boots, hmm, i would go Gore´s, the SST have some very nice bonusses but i would still enjoy the added DS and CB more, again IMHO.

Haven´t checked the set but i think that you are missing mana leech and ww is very mana intensive...


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about my barb: ww have no synergies and it is not as powerful like in 1.9...i still don't know how to build barb with BKset:) maybe 20berserk 20frenzy + synergies? can someone got experience in playing with this skills at 1.10 with 2swords? maybe 20 in frenzy and all in synergies and a few in berserk to kill immune to physical? or maybe all in berserk + synergies? another thing the builds like this is not too original...when i make this thread i expected something new and interesting maybe...any suggestions?


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iceball_aarf said:
20 Berzerk with no shield= dead meat
That will be a stupid barb that does not know how to play a Berserker :)

In the case here Bul kathos is not suitable for a Berserker build.


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I would go with frenzy. But that's probably because I've whirled so much in this game I could throw up.



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Boooyakasha i have a no shield berzerker, and i know that it works, but look at the weapons, in this build it will be dead meat because instead of using a meaty 2hander he will be using only 1 sword 1handed= dead meat (the idea of 2H Berzerk is to just 1Hit Kill just about anything in the game)... look at the comments in the context of the question ;)

About frenzy: i don´t support it because of the knockback... at least for me it is troublesome to use knockback with frenzy, on the other hand i think that it is a good mod for WW... and also i consider this swords to slow for an steady frenzy...


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BOTH BK SWORDS (just make sure you attack with the myth first then the KnB isn't as big a deal)

20 Frenzy
20 Double Swing
20 BO
20 Taunt
1 Sword Matery
1 Warcry
1 Passives
1 Beserk
Rest in Warcry//Beserk//SHout//IS


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Yeah, i was thinked the same build yesterday:) with one diffrence: when i master all primary skills i'll put the rest in sword mastery. my idea was also to find few runes and two mythical swords (one handed - elite) with 3slots and make "fury" word this will give me fury barb with skill near 40 (with few items +1all skills) what You guys think about it? of course until this time i'll play with BKset...anyway, thanks:)