barb vs town guard merc AI


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barb vs town guard merc AI

So I vaguely remember reading at one point that someone had looked at code and determined that A5 and A2 mercs had the same AI, except that barb mercs had faster r/w and attack speeds. I also thought that A1 and A3 mercs had the same AI as well. It sure makes sense from a programming perspective.

Can anyone confirm this for me? It obviously seems like Barb mercs are more aggressive, but I always thought that was just because their faster speed and bigger "swing" animation (vs "jab" animation" made it appear that way. Or maybe I'm just on crack...


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not sure bout r/w (i think they're the same) but im pretty sure barb mercs hit faster. but meh, a might merk outdamages them ><


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im sure its the same id well i check in the stats module and its fairly the same except the r/w and the spells , jab is more fast , bash is more agressive the same way you said ... For the A1 A3 Ai's im not quiet sure its the same and theire is alot of variation in stats :cool:


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ok, after long searches in the Phrozen Keep (trust the Modders to have answers on code related things...)

There are two basic AIs for NPC on the good team- a "melee" AI and a "ranged" AI.

A2 mercs, A5 mercs, golums, Valkeries, etc follow the melee AI

A3 mercs and A1 mercs follow the ranged AI.

Skellies and Revives follow their monster AIs.

Various parameters, of course, can be adjusted, including r/w speed, attack speed, skills, etc etc.

I still have been unable to find whether the base r/w speed for mercs is different from A2 to A5 (anyone wanna have a race ;) )

So, while it appears that barb mercs are more aggressive, they are in fact not. They might (or might not) get to a monster faster due to r/w speed, and their attack animation is more impressive, but they are not any more likely to "go after" one pack or another, or "stay in front" of you better.

In case anyone cares :thumbsup:


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Barb mercs also have extremely fast life regen, and they come with an inherent 70% poison resistance (though the char screen doesnt tell u that).
Still i dont think this outweighs the auras that a2 guards give u. (Unless u equip ur barb with a last wish sword so he gives u a lvl 17 might and lifetap on striking :lol: ).


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Rekoc said:
Barb merks do not get knocked back as easy as a2 merks either.
I think you're getting fooled by the game animation, or lack thereof.

Act 2 Mercs have a hit recovery animation where their upper body sort of gets thrown back and they don't do anything for a second or two. Act 5 Mercs have no hit recovery animation, so they just stand there and do nothing. So it all depends on their life bulb and defense.

As to whether their base frames per hit recovery differ, I have no idea.