barb recommendations


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barb recommendations

Hi there. I am new in the barb forum as i have never played a barb before.

(OK, i had one some years ago in single player, who died all the time at level 34 when he entered nightmare).

So now its time to go for it again.
I am not rich, and i still enjoy playing my way through the game when i have a new character. And when thats done i go for a new build.

So i just want to play a barb that doesn't rely heavily on high-end equipment and still be able to go through hell, and no need to do it fast.

I read the Concentrate barb guide, and it seems like that build relies mostly on the skills and not so much on equipment.

So is this a good cheap build ?
If not, any other suggestions ?

Thanks for your time.


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While concentrate is a safe option, a beserk based build will also allow you to play through hell with mediocre gear.


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I think that while its certainly doable, going untwinked trough hell with concentrate will take an enourmous amount of time. Of course its always hard to go untwinked but concentrate just wont cut it imo. You will find yourself swinging like 10 times at each monster in hell if you dont have a really high dmg weapon. Fenzy/double swing would be my choice if going untwinked.


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Hi guys

Thanks for your replies.

@zalt: I might be able to afford one good weapon.

And I actually leaned towards the concentration barb partly because the guide was very well written, which has a convincing effect.

I will read the frenzy guide and then reconsider.