barb question


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barb question

hey, just wondering if this would make a good duler and if anyone has made one before

max sword mastery
max whirlwind
max bo
max faster run/walk
10 iron skin
10 shout


ebotd cb
ber ss
2 bks

5 mastery
5 warcrys
and high pd scs

just wondering if anyone made one like this and/or if it would be a viable dueler ???

cheers for any imput


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Depends on who you were planning to duel, and what your stats are (str/dex/vit). The 20 points in inc speed seems wasted; if you're doing it for BvC, you should be wearing enigma anyways, which negates the need for it, and in bvb, you won't really need it so much. Better spent maxing shout (bvb) or leap (bvc).

Gear wise, you might want to work on your charms - skillers don't add a whole lot to a barb, and pd isn't very effective; fine/vita small charms and an annihilus are best. WT arn't as useful as gore riders, and mara's amulet and twin BK rings arn't very useful either; you should be using at least one raven and highlord's wrath, with twin angelic rings and the amulet in the stash for high-defense enemies.

Ber in the stormshield is alright, but you don't really need it if you have a nice string of ears or verdun's. EBotD CB isn't as effective as the berserker axe version, and you DEFINATELY need to switch out those steelrends for Drac's - Drac's are ownage in pvp, and steelrends don't add a lot of damage/have extremely high str requirements.

You'll do fine in public games, for the most part, but against serious pvpers, you'd be at a disadvantage.



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cheers, but i though that a cb had a large range then zerker axe in whirlwind ???? just a thought thou


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Nah, they both have a range of 3, but the berserker has higher average damage, lower requirements, and a faster base speed (which matters for attacks other than whirlwind).



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Graphically the zerk axe is 2/5th the length of cb,but has the same effective range.

If you are building a pubby BVC,you need to rework the skill distribution,about 7 in leap is necessary & 5 increase speed.Instead of storm,use a ber/ber coa,have stuff like wizzy/4topazed monarch/widowamaker/absorb rings etc in stash to use against certain classes.Demonlimb & +3 warcry weapons is necessary prebuff.For a general pub setup,ravens>bks & highlords>maras.

For cross class pvp you need to dualwield-grief/beast on ladder & botd/beast on nl is the best combination.

Check Dyn's ww pvp ww guide for more info.



rawrj said:
just wondering if anyone made one like this and/or if it would be a viable dueler ???

cheers for any imput
Depends on what chars you want to duel. First I suggest you decide if you want to duel other wwbarbs (booooooooooring =). If you dont, you wont need to use shield at all.
When you have made up your mind, just go read dyn's pvp ww guide and blobs wwbarb guide (a few pages back in the pvp-forum, search and you will find).