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Barb Pat

May i introduce Patriarch Ketchup.....

I have so many ranged chars going and i wanted something new, also wanted a char that can use some of my cool items, so 3 days ago i created a Barb :)

Played nearly all the way in MP and it took little less than 3 days to get thru norm, nm and hell.
At lvl 24 i gave him a 294% bonesnapper and at lvl 30 i upgraded it. He used that until he got his end wep @ lvl 76.
He killed baal @ lvl 80.

SKILLS:(with items)

1(8) in all prereqs for Battle order
Battle order 22
Mace mastery 27
nat res/increase stamina/increase speed/iron skin 7
1(9) in all prereqs for WW and concentrate
Concentrate 28
WW 28

STATS:(with gear)

Strength - 235
Dexterity - 116
Vitality - 208
Energy - 10

Fire Resistance - 75
Cold Resistance - 75
Lightning Resistance - 75
Poison Resistance - 70

Life:(with BO) ~2600
Defence: (with conc/shout) ~17 000

ITEMS:(the fun part )

Immortal King's Soul Cage
Sacred Armor

Defense: 1301
Durability: 56 of 60
Required Strength: 232
Required Level: 76
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x91fa80d6
+400 Defense
Poison Resist +50%
+2 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
5% Chance to cast Level 5 Enchant when struck

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
25% Faster Hit Recovery
Cold Resist +40%
Fire Resist +40%
Lightning Resist +40%
+50% Enhanced Defense

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Socketed (1: 0 used) < - - - probarbly a ptopaz

Immortal King's Will
Avenger Guard

Immortal King's Stone Crusher
Ogre Maul
(2x SHAEL)

Immortal King's Forge
War Gauntlets

Immortal King's Pillar
War Boots

Highlord's Wrath

Raven Frost

Eagle Gyre

Required Level: 74
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x8e5cc62f
+100 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +7%
Cold Resist +18%
8% Life stolen per hit
6% Mana stolen per hit
12% Chance to cast Level 4 Charged Bolt when struck

1x Warcry GC
3x 100psn dmg SC
1x 100 psn dmg/5%mf SC
1x 175 psn dmg /5 life SC
6x 16-20 life SC
1x Gheeds
rest of the space is filled with 7%mf sc

His might merc, Pratham will in (some more lvls) use upgraded shaft(um), perfect gaze(um), Tomb reaver or reapers.

Needless to say he was twinked to his ears but it was fun to twink for a diffrence. I don´t like playing melee in 1.10 and i usually don´t but this was one of my funniest chars to play :)
When i get bored of MF with my sorc/wind druid/fishymancer, then i will use Ketchup. Will try to lvl him up to ~90 atleast.

unlike any of my other chars, he actually found something worth keeping while questing. Some randome archer @ frigid highlands act5 (hell) dropped a Shako.
Haven´t done the hellforge yet since we were MP but im hoping for something cool..heh

my next project will be to mat/pat one of my other chars that i have going (have about 6-7 on their way) and i will also start a bowazon with strijdje.

Thanks for reading this long and boring post, and thanks to those who played with me :thumbsup:

edit#516: so what did i learn from this? well never try that color HTML stuff when you are tired.... :teeth:


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No, I don't think he was naked at all...

Too bad you died to FE Ancients :(


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bahh got screwed.....ill edit...hehe

ok he ain´t naked anymore :)

i have probarbly done alot of errors and forgotten half of it since im soo tired after all that playing.....


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Thanks everyone!!

so far he is a great shenk/eldritch/tresh/pindle/pit runner

he can easily clear the pit @ p8 but he can only wear ~250 MF compared to my necro with ~600

but he is alot more funnier to play though :)