Barb-Only Tourney v1.01

Crazy Runner Guy

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Barb-Only Tourney v1.01

Since the data base is FUBAR, here we go again.

SteelsixtyIV: Destroyer Gaultar: Spear Zerker A4 NM lvl57 53 pts RIP: Act 4
tenaka: Destroyer ThingGoSmash: Thrower/Singer A1 NM lvl44 37 pts RIP: Cathedral
Eagle Eye: Glimmer_Man: WW Polebarb A5 lvl29 23 pts
Tragor: Nancy: Frenzy A2 lvl30 15pts
Crazy Runner Guy: EnoughHardcore: Thrower A3 lvl25 13pts
Munch: Abrams: Frenzy mace/axe: A3 lvl19 13 points
Joutaja: Janker: Mace Frenzier A2 lvl20 7pts
kramph: KoRK: Axe A2 lvl 23 7 pts RIP Fangskin
El Communisto: Billy_Bob: Polebarb A2 lvl21 6 pts RIP Radament
Davemetalhead: Hagar Jnr: Mace Conc: A2 lvl 18 7 pts
AlterEgoZordonThrower A1 lvl20 6pts
Ehtirno: Halad: Thrower/Singer A1 lvl13 3pts
Quatrain: BarberRan: Axe Zerker A1 lvl6 1pts
Seymour_Fluxx:BobTheKiller: Axe Frenzier

MIA: TheGentleMan:Stallione_Rambo: Axe Conc

Hey, when did this tourney start, can't believe I missed this one, looks like a goodin :)

Uh, it's not too late to join is it? :D
What are the rules aswell, because I remade a Mace Conc baba today, he's untwinked and level 22 and if he could enter that would be awesome, but as with all tourneys there is probably some crazy rules that he would've already broken :D



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when you start a new thread don't forget

- the rules of the tourney

- make a "lien" to the precedent thread


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here are the original rules as copied from the startup thread.

CRG's HC Baba Tourney
- HC v1.10 Barbs only

- No Uniques may be used by your character or your merc. The only exception to this is Arreat's Face, Woflhowl, Demonhorn's Edge, and Halaberd's Reign, along with Gheed's Fortune (cuz i love it so much). All other items are allowed (i.e. runewords, crafts, sets, rares, etc.)

- This character may only use items they find themselves (see #11 for exception). An ATMA stash may be used for each character and items may be transfered back and forth with no limitation.

- After and post-quest 2 in Act 5 norm, only act 5 mercs may be used. Before this there is no limitation (A barb-only tourney should use barb mercs)
At least one prize mule will be kept by each competitor. Mule all uniques (exceptions see above) and other juicy items to this mule.

- Winners will be determined by a point system: 1 point per quest, 5 points for completing normal, 10 for NM and 20 for hell. In case of a tie, the lower clvl will be judged the winner.

- There is no restriction on /players X

- You may only return to prior difficulties to imbue/socket.

- You may reload monsters/maps (FE ancients bug).

- Trading and MP play is only allowed with participants. Players are discouraged from MP'ing areas such as Baal, Chaos Sanc, Ancients, etc.



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Quick update on Nancy:

Mephy is dead. I was afraid of this fight as a pure melee-fighter but it ended up not being a problem. I did use several rejuvs but mostly to feed the frenzy mana suck. LL and replenish allowed me to stay poisoned for the entire fight and just slug away. Had to TP home for more pots since the Arctic Binding belt only holds 2 rows but really not a problem.

Slight miscalculation on points. Ended up at lvl 32 (instead of lvl 31) for the Mephy bash. Desparately looking for higher damage weapons. Still surviving with my dual-leech broadsword and Steel morning star but things are taking too long to die. Did I mention that I'd picked up a Cathan's Seal? Quite handy.

The long fight problem was brought home quickly in the Outer Steppes. Got surrounded by Flesh Spawners and had to fight to the end. Before the finish several Doom Knights joined in the party just to raise the anxiety level. Once again, Open Wounds was my saving grace. I've been more careful since then to avoid such situations.

Izual died slower than I've ever seen. He couldn't really hurt me but once again I popped 4-5 blue pots for every red. I did remember to switch to Death's Guard for this one :) . Once he was down to almost nothing I switched back to Bindings for the MF. Fat lot of good it did. Totally useless drop.

Nancy found the City WP right near the entrance so he hopped home and took a breather. Full clear of the City up next and then it's off to see Heph and Big-D.

Nancy, Frenzy (sword/mace), A4, lvl 33, 19 pts
Latest finds: Hawkmail, Tancred's Crowbill (total = 7u/6s)

Crazy Runner Guy

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Well, I just had my first scary expereince (but not NDE) of this tourney.

I just entered the Kurast Bazaar and was preparing to enter the temples. The first one I dropped down into was the Ruined Temple, where Battlemaid Sarina is. I ended up killing her by howling all the minions away, and then backing into a corner and using grim ward, my new favorite skill, on Her corpse to keep minions away while I put pointy things into their bodies. Great I thought. Into a corner, and just kill everything that's too scared to fight. Until....

I entered the next temple and ran into a few spiders and a Wailing Beast bos pack and his minions. So, rinse, lather and repeat, right? Not so much. I backed into the corner and then howled. The monsters didn't move, so I howled again. As it turns out, I was trapped on all sides. I rack to one, a wall to my back, a torch post to my right, and a pack of bosses in front of me. Not to mention that the boss was LE. NOT COOL. I didn't get below half life, but I did use up a good 5 pots, and then once the boss was down it was smooth sailing as his corpse turned into a GW, and all was fine.


EnoughHardcore, clvl 28 , Kurast Bazaar, 14 points

I should begin my mephy running later today. I have until 10 central till I go to work.



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Is this party still going on? Posts are getting pretty rare.

Nancy has reached Harrogath. On the way he picked up a new Isenhart's Parry, Milabrega's Rod, Venom Ward and The Impaler.

Nancy, clvl 35, Harrogath, 21 points


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I think this tourney may have died quietly but thought I'd post this anyway.

Nancy has made it full circle and is back in the Rogue Encampment. He did end up using the barb merc. I tried him out for a quick run and decided that I liked his style. Plus, his name was perfect: Bill.

So, Nancy and Bill went up, kicked Baal off his perch and are now on their way to the Stony Field. The Den and Blood Raven are done and they're off to pick up everyone's favourite sage.

Tragor: Destroyer Nancy, clvl 48, A1 NM, 34 pts?


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:rant: Bloody vile archers!!!

Destroyer Nancy got shot down, quite literally.
Final score:
Level 49, A1 NM, 35 points (Norm quests-27, Norm complete-5, NM quests-3)

CRG - the prize mule has been sent.