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Barb Help

I'm not much of a Barb player, and I haven't played one since 1.09. So I could use some help with a build from those who are more experienced. I have a BO slave that I use on my second computer to help parties or my other character. Lately I have been using him to help my MFer with Hell Mephy runs. But it would be nice if he could be an emergency looter, just in case. So he'll need to be able to step into a nasty situation and clean up the mess and recover my MF gear. I'm not one of those crazy teleport types, so the Barb should have a clear path to the potential corpse. He'll just have to deal with the nasty situation that killed the MFer. I'm not overly concerned with killing speed, since he'll potentially only have to deal with one group. Safety will be the ultimate concern, since I don't want to lose two characters and two sets of gear. Presently he is dressed in Singer gear, but if the situation calls for it he could make like Clarke Kent and change into his superhero gear to save the day. His current stats are:
Barb L63
S 125
D 81
V 144
E 10
+45 points unspent
Maxed: Battle Command, Battle Orders, Shout
One in: Howl, Ironskin, Natural Resists.
+9 points unspent
No merc at present.

I've got all of the IK set except for the armor, but I can probably trade for it (if anyone has one for trade on WHCL let me know). I also have a decent collection of weapons and mid range gear. I can probably get him to the mid 70s with some more Baal runs, so I potentially have 20-25 skill points to work with.

So what do the Barb experts say? How can I modify this guy to be an emergency looter?


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Well, IK set is the cheapest way to make a decent pvm barb, but since theres no room for shield, i'd say safer would be to use this gear:

Arreat (um)
Storm (pd) poor man can use any high block shield, preferably with res (gerkes)
oath in elite one hand weapon (poor mans choice: Gf, Doom)
Shaft/Levi (Lionhart)
IK Gloves/Belt
IK/waterwalk boots
Amu with resistances or angelic

inv full of vita charms

use howl to separate monsters then zerk/ww em down one by one

hope that helps :)


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Maybe you could just take the singer idea and "run" (or leap) with it? Drop some of your points into warcry for stun length, then put many into leap for good range (and knockback radius). Maxed leap is a very safe way to travel, upon landing every monster on the screen will be put into hit recovery and you can plan your next leap without being attacked.

If your sorc gets whapped, leap and warcry your way there and just make a (hopefully) quick pickup of the loot. Once you reach the sorc, lure all the monsters away from it, stun they with WC, and leap to the (vacant) corpse.

Dual wizzys, skin of vipermagi hits a fat FCR BP and you'll have gobs of mana. Alternatively, you can drop on a cheap shield to give him blocking too.

I dunno if it's better than making a fighter, just thinking outside the box a little. Bosses are still worrisome since they are not stunned by warcry.


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Ive looted with my bo slave and howl works wonders. With lvl 4x warcries you can pretty much "flee" anything off the screen. Dont worry about making a fighter just slap a wiz and ward shield on your barb for res and a little blocking.


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The reason I was thinking about making him a fighter was because I didn't want to get stuck by the Leap/LA bug and have to leave the game. I hear that's still around and that would really ruin things. I suppose I could just use Howl and War Cry, but that doesn't work on boss's, and that's what is most likely to kill my MFer.


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warcry+a very good merc is effective i heard

and leap is very poopy compared to howl imho. howl is like a mini warcry (low "stun" duration while having 2x range). there's also the tele ammy if you can get one (howl+tele, hrm interesting)