Barb Help Question


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Barb Help Question

Hey well My barb is a wikid dueler he has all the right barb gear...except the Wepon...I need Wepon help...ok Currently he has Grief pb and SS...what is the best combo juss need these answered would help so much :(

1)what is the best wepon for bvb

2)what is the best wep for BvAny player

3)whats better for Both, 2 Weps or 1 wep and SS

Please help me out here. and if ya post some stuff...thanks and apreiate it alot.


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1. Grief berserker axe
2. Grief berserker axe
3. BvB: 1h/shield; BvA: dual wield, switching to a shield when up against a BvB opponent. Dual wield weapon choices should be Grief/Beast.