Barb builds

Dunno where one is, but just to help couple main ones are:
max conc/synergies, BO, mastery, shout, or
max ww, 1 pt conc/zerk, max BO, max shout, max wep mastery, rest points in iron skin as well as 1 in inc speed/stamina, nat res.


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Is Concentrate REALLY that important?!
I used concentrate but after level 30 I started using Berserk as my normal attack and I've had no complains. So everyone is telling you should use concentrate but I just dont think it's that good..


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It also does great damage with its synergies, plus none of the typical skills for the build are useless to it (like shout is to berserk), it leeches, and it's uninterruptable to boot. No block lock/hit recovery issues = love.