Bans + Limits


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Bans + Limits

I see about 3-4 threads aday about people getting temp banned so i decided to do average wait times for each.

If it states "Unable to connect to" when you click the button then you are Temp banned which lasts about 10-20 minute's.

If you can log in but it states "Your connection has been restricted from this realm" then you Temp Ban will last anywhere from 1hr-1Day. (This depends on the amount of times you try to log in)

Hope this helps people, if i have anything wrong then please say but this is only down to past experince. :thumbup:

PS. If you dont want TempBans then kill 2-3 bosses instead of one each time you MF.


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Re: Bans + Limits

Funnily enough i get restrictions more often when doing baal runs than anything else..

Irritating to say the least.