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i've been playing on bnet for a while now but i just got this message that "my connection has been temporarily restricted in this realm."
so i'm wondering what's going on??


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If you jump in and out of games too fast, or if you just are unlucky, it might happen to you.
Only way to "fix" it is to wait a while.:undecided:


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Try to login after 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.
Be patient and do not attemp to login every few seconds, this may increase the temp ban duration(seems to be so for me).

Blizz temp ban people to protect their servers against overload. 2 - 3 attemps to login per 5 minutes shouldn't result in a temp ban.

As Lorven mentioned you simply can be unlucky. A connection interrupt may reach.