Balancing MF and survival on LF Javazon


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Balancing MF and survival on LF Javazon

Hey guys,

I'm having trouble balancing MF and survival gear. I play hardcore, on Bnet, and my javazon is (was) and will be LF + all synergies + infinity. I don't use a valk (hate the passives...I've been killed by them in WSK--but that's a whole 'nother can of worms) but I do use decoy very well + merc.

Basically, what gear should I use to maintain decent MF (varies from player to player, but most agree >200%). LF + synergies + infinity's conviction murder everything because lightning immunes only have 100 resist, so killing speed isn't too important. I like to run WSK and cows, so keep that in mind for resists. Being hardcore, I like to maximize life while keeping max block. Any help is appreciated.


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Just looking at gear wich provides mf and still are quite decent for the build itself. War travs (30-50), stealskull or shako + Ptopaz (69,74) couple those items with a gheeds and 5-10*7mf scs and you are in the 200% mf-leauge already:smiley: Then use whatever gear you find good. I havnt played many javazons myself but stuff like eth titans, COH, maras, stormshield, some ias gloves, Im sure you have your own preferences :grin:


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My suggestion:

Titans of some variety,
Tal's Armor/Skullder's Armor
Sandstorm Trek
Rings and Amulet as you see fit.

Some of the choices may seem like an odd selection, but let me explain why I recommend them.

FHR: The combo of Sandstorm Trek, Bloodfist, and Stealskull nets you 50% FHR. One small charm of balance will give you 55% and you'll hit the 6 frame hit recovery.

IAS: The combo of Stealskull, Bloodfist, and Goldwrap gives you 30% IAS. This is enough to throw javelins at 11 frames.

You'll have enough life leach with titan's, and stealskull. You also get mana leach from stealskull .

Bloodfists give you an additional 40 to life and Sandstorm Trek gives you a nice boost to boost strength and vitality.

Rhyme is fantastic. It helps your blocking, gives you a faster block animation, provides you with cannot be frozen so you can free up a ring slot from ravenfrost.

This setup I have listed gives you between 173% mf and 193% mf without charms, jewelry, or sockets. It also gives you 65% resist fire, cold, and lightning as well as 65-95% resist poison.

With your Anya quests you'll be sitting with about -5% resists (assuming a Sandstorm trek of 40%). To max your resists you need 80% more resistances. You could go after rings and a maras (up to 60% resist all total) or pick up resistances and stats through a hellfire torch and an anni. If you have both of those things already, you can equip other rings like +life rings (for HC) or magic find rings (wisp projector is lovely for gloams in the WSK).

Keep in mind that you still have empty sockets in your helm and armor, you could easily pop in 48% more MF or put in resistance jewels/runes, or additional life if you need it.

Hope the suggestions help.