So, I'm in a fairly sour mood at the moment.

I've been out of work for a little over a year now, and with an 8 month old daughter, that's not a fun thing.

Yesterday, they guy that gave me my last job that I was at, which I ended up at for 4 1/2 years, found me another job possibility. It's for a local company, a very stable company that's been around since the 1900s. I filled out the application yesterday, and I went back to meet him at his office this morning. That's when he tells me that they have a problem after looking over my application.

What's the problem you might ask?

I made to much money at my previous job. In the end after 4 1/2 years, and a bunch of promotions, I was making $12.25 an hour at my highest point, and $11.25 when I left. [I'll leave out the rant about how I got screwed in the end.] The company's afraid that because I made that much before, and they're only paying $8.50 to start, [the job is for a machine operator] that I'm going to up and leave if I find a job that pays a bit more. This just seems so bloody ridiculous to me. I can kind of see where they're coming from and all, but they haven't even met me for a interview. According to the guy that's trying to set this up, they're looking for someone who wants to work and wants to be there, local, and doesn't mind working overtime. I fit all of those. And if I can talk about the commute to there for a minute, it's literally less than a minute from my apartment. I looked it up, all I have to do is take a left out of my driveway, take the first right, then the next left, then the second right, and I'm there. Depending on traffic getting out of my driveway, it'll take me anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to get there. This place seems like exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe the pay's not as much as my old job, but I don't mind that. I need a stable job more than anything, and this place seems to have a good deal of stability to it. Plus there's the overtime pay. I'd have the option to go in 1 hour early every day, and get a full days worth of overtime on Saturday if I want it.

I'm just fairly irate right now. The company's really interested in me, but that damn fear that I'm just going to up and walk out on them is keeping them from hiring me. Stability of a job is very important to me, I need a job that I can go home from, and know I'll be going back to the next day, but they don't realize this, because I haven't had a chance to actually talk to anyone there.

They're trying to work something out though, apparently they're trying to create a position for me that pays a bit more. I'm now anxiously awaiting that call now, and hoping this works out.

Hold out for now to see what they create, and if they don't get around to that, call up your contact who's helping you out with the process. Maybe he can convince them to at least meet with you so you can tell them what you just posted here. Tell them that the commute far outweighs the pay, as longer commutes translate into more gasoline and less time you can work, so the extra time and lower commute prices should balance out the pay.

That said, I wouldn't express that to them until you're sure they're not going to offer you something that pays more. No sense in convincing them you'll take less money when they might be giving you more.
Request a interview to have your say and if you're real desperate, tell the company that you'll happily enter a contact that forbids you from quitting for X amount of time. Of course you don't screw yourself with a iron clad contract that forces you to work like a slave but at less offering the suggestion will give the company a sign that you wish to be on-board.

If the company (interviewer) is anything but humane, hell see the gesture as a sign of good will and give you a job.