Bad Blood PVP Artwork is complete!


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Bad Blood PVP Artwork is complete!

The Bad Blood PVP Tournament Drawing

Well, I finally, finally, finally got this one finished up. I could apologize extensively for the delay on this, but I make no money from these drawings, so i don't feel quite so bad ;)

Seriously, I wish I'd have gotten this done sooner, but I think the results were worth the wait.

The winners of LiquidEvil's PVP tourney were as follows:

1st Place - Liquid Evil playing Murdercat
2nd Place - Kabal playing Quill_Rat
3rd Place - Drac0 playing God_BothereR

There are more player details on the page with the drawing.

It was kinda tough creating three unique characters, all wearing the same hood…so I took some liberties with each. I tried to customize the Harley to match each character a little better—a dark mask for the assassin, a heavy hood for the necro, and an ornate headdress for the pally. I think they all hold true to the item, while still being unique to the character. I also played around with the idea of bone spears and bone armor on the necro. I think that turned out cool.

So, here it is


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High quality work as always:) looks like another desktop wallpaper to me...

The necro looks especially awesome!


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Great drawing (as always)

One question though, where is my ear in there o_O

I did finish (dispite my efforts) dead last, if you don't count those who droped out :lol:

*edit* Mind if I link the picture @ another place, so Drac0 can see it (if he hasn't already... I don't think he comes to these neck of the woods...)


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Nice work man :thumbsup:

@ A2M: What do you use to color your pics? Photoshop? Also do you ink your pictures or just have super clean pencil lineart?



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@Mankey: Hehe :) Sorry, no ears allowed. I did toy around with drawing ears, but honestly, I couldn't figure out a way to make 'em look cool. They just looked like a bunch of cinnamon buns.

By all means, this drawing is Drac0's reward, so do what you have to so he can see it ;)

@Kool69: I try to do the pencil drawing as tightly as possible--in my mind, I should be able to pass the pencil drawing off to an inker and have it come back with each line exactly the same...just a little cleaner. Even though I don't ink my drawings, I can't break the habit. I do the colors, painstakingly, in Photoshop. I've got to find a better way to do colors. I get better at it with each drawing, but it takes forever.... Anyone out there know what comic book colorists use?

@whomhead: Yeah...that's a necro :p The staff is really a bone spear that hasn't been launched...but thanks for the compliment!!

Thanks to everyone else for the kinds words, too. I appreciate your feedback!


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All I can say is thank goodness you aren't in the D3 concept art contest... we'd all be sitting ducks. (looks really great, BTW)

Sint Nikolaas

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Really sweet stuff there :) good work.

Just one thing though... I allways like my drawings to be left-handed, you are too, admit it :D


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Sint Nikolaas said:
Really sweet stuff there :) good work.

Just one thing though... I allways like my drawings to be left-handed, you are too, admit it :D
:) Hehe. I never noticed, but I do draw a lot of characters left-handed--I have no idea why.... Guess I don't discriminate when it comes to weilding massively destructive whackin' sticks.

I, however, am a righty.


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Thanks I've linked em to it. :cool:

Once again, great work... I'll get into one of your pics some way or another ;)


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What? No blood dripping off the claws? ;) Awesome job as always A2M!

Looks like you had fun intigrating the necro's personality (Quill Rat) with the bone armor. The spikes are pretty mean lookin' :D The battle scars on the players and the stone gaze of Drac0's paladin make them look like battle-hardened duelers!

I'm glad one you graced one of my characters with your sketchpad. Thanks for doing it! Hats off.

For those of you who missed out on the Bad Blood PvP Tourney, it was a round robin 1v1v1 format. With two enemies instead of just one, it made gear options trickier and strategies more complex. Was very fun.

Here's an except from the final match I posted a couple months ago.

"Well, the top 3 point-scoring participants (Liquid, Drac0, Kab) met in the moor to duke it out for the top 3 places. Here's what happened from my memory and point of view.

Match #1 Kabal got a quick kill on Drac0 and I danced around some houses slinking in for a Kab kill. Score 1-0-0 in my favor.

Match #2 This time I ran in to take out Kab quick, I think Drac0 had already Charged him once so after a Dragon Flight he went down but I got slapped around pretty badly by some spirits. My life was low and I didn't switch my BoS back to Fade so with my crap DR a lone Drac0 charge put me down. Score was 1-1-0 tied between myself and Drac0.

Match #3 This was a long-ass match. Drac0 and Kab realized that it was hard for me to kill Drac0 (my traps had no affect on him and his def was good at resisting WW's) So after I got chased around and killed by some IBS while I was trying to hide behind a house, Drac0 was busy hunting Kab. I waited on the bridge while they dueled for about 10-15 minutes (no kidding, I had time to do some laundry and make dinner) but finally Drac0 fell. Score 1-1-1 all tied up.

Match #4 had Kab pwning both Drac0 and myself. 1-1-2, Kab has taken the lead, only 1 more and he has it.

Match #5 Drac0 pwned all over place. I think some lucky hammer hits tore my life up as I followed too close to him. I think I got killed by Kab and then Drac0 burned off a charge on what was left of Kab's necro and that was all she wrote. 1-2-2 with Drac0 and Kab needing just 1 more to win.

Match #6 had Drac0 biting the bullet first but tearing off Kab's bone armor. I Dragon Flighted Kab a couple times but I got destroyed by Bone Spears and Spirits. I had 200 life left and I ran off behind a house. I threw out traps and danced around for 4 or 5 minutes and replenished a huge chunk of life. Lucky for me Kab didn't have any Rep life gear so after I attacked again he was still where I left him. I DF'd and rolled over him with a WW putting him down. Score is now match is winner take all.

Match #7 was long and drawn out with too much at stake for much action. I hid behind a house and chased Kab around whenever he showed his face but then out of no where Drac0 blew in with a charge while I was throwing traps at kab. It was a 1-hit KO (I think) and Kab went down. I quickly changed to Fade and surrounded myself with traps. Drac0 waddled around getting healed by the lightning and every now and then would charge at me. After a charge hit I had about 2/3's life left so Drac0 was gonna try and finish me off. This time however, I kept in a WW and brought him down (but it was all luck pretty much). Game, set, match. 3-2-2 in my favor, but one of the closest duel sessions I've been in in a long time."


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O_O! Incredible work as always a2m, the metallic sheen on the paladin's armor is especially life-like and impressive. :eek:

I love the interpretation of the shako, who would've thought that a green condom could look so bad-ass? :lol: Very unique take on bone armor and bone spear too (like liq said, the spikes actually do resemble a Quill Rat's thorns), and it makes the necro appear like an intimidating warrior instead of a pale, pencil-necked old man.

See people, this is why you should you can get your characters immortalized by a2m. :D


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@ Kabal and Liquid_Evil: I'm really happy you guys like the drawing! I get my own satisfaction from finishing up a drawing, but it means a LOT more when the folks I'm drawing for like the results. Feels good :)

I'm just sorry it took so long!! :lol: