Back to DII again...


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Back to DII again...

Hello DII people!

I am returning to Diablo II after a very long hiatus. I purchased the game shortly after it was originally released and played through the game until beating the hardest difficulty, and then stopped! I had too much going on back then and didnt want to take the time to farm out a bunch of good gear or anything. It was a single player non-bnet character anyways, so there was no prestige in gaining anything good.

Well, I just bought the expansion pack on a whim, and decided to play again! I am going to create a battlenet character this time, and I intend on making him pretty good eventually =)

Everything about the game seems to have changed, completely! I want to create the most deadly PvM character possible and I have no idea where to start. I want a character that will be able to slice through Hell monsters the easiest. Id like to be able to use this character to equip future characters should I choose to make more later, as well.

I am sure this is an incredibly common and annoying question for you all, but I am a humble newbie only seeking advise.

I have flipped through a large amount of posts and guides on this site while at work today, but I still cant come to any definitive conclusion about what would be best.

To those who will offer an opinion, a few basic things:

I am fine with being underpowered and having a rough go of it in the beginning as long as the character in the end is generally considered the best out there for my purposes.

I dont like amazons for some reason! So I hope an amazon build isnt considered the best now =) But go ahead and tell me if it is...

I have no friends in DII so I will be completely on my own. No twinkage! One of the worst things about the guides I found was all of them talked about getting gear so much. I wont have gear available to me that I can't get. Nonetheless, if some build is generally held to be the most deadly at high level with certain gear, I suppose I am fine with suffering along until I can aquire it somehow.

I know that a typical response here is to just "play what sounds fun", etc =) I KNOW it is my choice, and that I just need to enjoy my character and whatever is FUN to me. Well, what is FUn to me is what is most powerful. Call it a character flaw on my part if you will, but I cant change it right now =) Whenever playing any type of RPG I always go for what will maximize my capability in the end, and research it as much as possible. Im not a roleplayer, just a stat manipulator! Sorry...

So anyways, I dont expect any essays here... if you are so inclined to give some input, just a quick name of build/description, maybe a link where i can read more would be awesome. Whatever seems to be the consensus I will probably go with!

This seems like a good community here, reading all the stuff here has whetted my appetite for Diablo more and more! Im gonna get installing now and check back later.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate any help...


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try a strafezon, they seem pretty interesting, but since u dun like zons, conc barbs are also nice, and hammerdins are good, zealots still nice, and meteor, and orb and blizz are good also. wind druids are good too.


I know u don't like zons but i saw a javazon lay waste to act 5 hell baal minions and she was the one that ran to the throne room to tp for us by herself. I also seen hammerdines kick some major booty. My blizz/meteor sorc works well too. Try a tank druid use wearbear and max maul and lycanthropy. at level 30ish puting points into strength and vitality u should have close too 900 hp in wearbear form. just something to think about


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Thanks for the responses, guys...

What looks best to me right now are Hammerdins, Concbarbs and Meteorb Sorc... The hammerdin appears to be very equipment reliant, so that isnt really something I can do. I made up a barb last night and started playing with him again, but I am tempted to go sorceress instead, I worry that I wont be able to clear very fast with a barb while MFing!

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!