Back to D3 after 4 years, what do i need to know?


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Hi guys, basically the title, one specific question though.

I have picked up Kanais cube and extracted a few "Legendary powers" - and also understood how to equiq them. However can I have more than 1 active (all in all) because I only have 1 icon saying for example: "prides fall" even though I also, think, I have a jewelry one active... But no icon for jewelry or is it a bug... or..?

Edit: Argh sry, maybe a none question, after playing around I might have found the answer myself. It would appear as though those effects are only displayed when they are actually in use, so the reason i don't have an icon in jewelry is that its "Kredes flame" so proberly only appears when taking actual fire dmg. (it doesn't, but it does work)
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I can tell there is a few new things to get a hold off, but as you say the wiki probably contain all I need to know on Rifts and the Cube which seems to be biggest new things.

edit: btw feel free to close this thread, I didn't notice the introduction thread so could just have re-introduces myself considering I no longer have any specific questions.


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Hello and welcome back to the forums and the game. You're free to keep us updated as to your progress. You can do itin this thread if you wish. I'll keep it open for you.