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Hey everyone I decided to come back to D2 again. I downloaded d2 again last night from bnet and am up and running. But being a SPF member from years back I know I needed my ATMA/GoMule/RWM to get going. My only concern is RWM link isn't up right now here. Does anyone know another place to get it?

Also I noticed i'm in 1.14 now. Has anything major changed since 1.13? Also, given that I got the digital download from bnet, am I screwed as far as going back to play older patches if I wanted to later?

Any help is appreciated. Now to start over again and try to find every item, (I missed the grail by a few items before I quit last time).


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Welcome back. Seems a few people have been drawn back recently. The SPF is still a great place for advice; although I don't have the answers to all your questions, someone will be along to fill in the gaps.

No major changes from 1.13->1.14. The big thing in 1.13 was increased rune drops. For certain (original) older patches, you might need the discs. Time travel has become a big thing on the SPF, so someone probably has links for 1.00 and 1.07, not to mention others. There are also convenient tools to help with managing or switching between multiple patches.

Of course, there is plenty to do in 1.14. Enjoy your time and good luck with the grail. What class are you starting back with? What's the favorite build that you will likely make second?


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Hey, welcome back to hell :)

Unless someone comes along with a working link, I'll see if I can upload my own RWM somewhere after I get home from work.


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Well I think Thyiad is having problems with her hosting site because all the links are down. I uploaded the RWM with CPU fix awhile back here (MAC RWM)

There weren't any changes in 1.14 except for the "color glitch" was fixed so no need to run in compatibility mode. Save path was also changed to be in your user folder.

As far as running older patches with the digital version, I don't know if you can. Better to wait for someone who has a copy to see what they think ;)


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The rest has covered most already, so ... welcome back :).

O yes, also very interested what your first character is !!


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Thanks for the quick responses guys!

I'm running a meteorb sorc to start. Gotta get the MF going and bring some gear in early on. I would eventually over time, like to get one of each character patted and matted to make use of the gear I find.

Should I follow the same instructions for adding in the RWM that's on the sticky? It's been so long I don't remember how to add these anymore.


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Well I'm working on GoMule now as I understand it's the only thing that works with 1.14d. I downloaded it but what are the instructions for installing it? It's been a while since i've done this, and years ago I used ATMA. Thyiads guide link is down too.


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Once you unzip it, there is no installation required iirc.
Once open, you can open/create char and stash files.

EDIT: you need java for it - though most ppl will already knowingly or unknowingly have it on their comp


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I'm not seeing anything that launches GoMule.
It sounds like you may be having similar problems to those I experienced. Unable to find any way of launching GoMule even after downloading the latest java runtimes.

After a few hours of messing about I gave up and used ATMA; which I'm very happy with. The only issue I had at first with ATMA was finding the new default location for D2 character saves. They are no longer in the old default "C:/Diablo II/Saves" directory, they now reside within "C:\Users\WINDOWS USERNAME\Saved Games\Diablo II" directory.