Back to D2 and having fun =)


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Back to D2 and having fun =)

Ho all,

Well it's been a good year or so since I've played D2. Most of my old toons were erased along with a hell of a lot of good stuff. (I still have a godly hammerdin though)

I figured I'd give hardcore a try for the first time and I'm loving it.

Currently have a 28 Hammerdin on USEAST HC Ladder named HC_Slamherdin

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to the HC folks. I never knew what I was missing. I've been playing mostly solo so far but I figure I'll start to join some pub games.

See ya there.



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grad to see someone move along to the dark side! once u have your name in red, u will enevr want to go back to sc :)

there is only 1 thing i will warn u about (the other things happen, ummm, "naturally"):

if u join pub games, DO NOT be tempted to party anyone. a hammerdin is overpowered in terms of damage, and u kill pretty easily in 8p games, that there is no reason to invite death.

till then, stay safe


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yes, steer clear from lvl 50+ sorcs (and some even lower) and nearly every bone necro and wind druid you see...


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Zons too...
They like doing cows with LF then randomly switching to a bow and seeing how many they can get with 1 MS


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i've just started playing agian as well, after a good yr and a 1/2 of not...just made a skele/bone hybrid necro, HC of course, lvl 16 and all is going good
if anyone wants to play some time /w me
east realm
char name: sabbra
acc name: *No-Remorse