Back in action and a new project


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Back in action and a new project

Since I'm currently away from my home computer and have reinstalled D2 on my laptop I have a new intrest in playing 1.09 again. After reading about Icebird and Serdash's completion of their 7 X 99 project I have started my own quest to 99 in .09. Here is a breakdown of my build strategies:

Amazon Max GA and LF

Barbarian Max Frenzy, BO, WW, Mastery

Paladin Max Veng and Fanat

Druid Max Lycan, Fury, Dire Wolves, HoW

Sassy Max PS, DS

Sorcie Max FW, FO, Nova, LM

Necro Max GM, BS, CE

This is just a rough idea and I'm looking for input from members of the SPF on equipment and cow running. I will try to keep everybody updated on my progress :thumbsup:


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Looks pretty good!

Although I think a pure fanatic zealot would do better than Vengeance+Fanatiscism, except for PI's of course. Good luck with your Necro, you're probably going to need it, Bone Spirit is so damn weak:(
For your sorceress I don't think you're going to need both Firewall/Frozen Orb and Nova...Nova is probably the best cow killer followed by Meteor, but Nova requires a LOT of mana. My nova sorceress has 2035 mana and maxed Warmth and still can't spam Nova indefinitely:(


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Hm... How about dual HoZ wielding smiter-paladin? :)

Oh yeah, good luck, too. For real advice I think you might want to aim for chars with the best killspeed.


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steelsixtyIV said:
After reading about Icebird and Serdash's completion of their 7 X 99 project
I completed that?

Damnit! I wish you people would tell me these things!

(Actually it was Icebird and Ryondaahl. Mine is still far from completion, sadly. I kinda burned myself out on cows and got bored with 1.09. I need to get back to it, eventually, though.)

With a paladin if you're going for 99, Zealot is probably the best choice. Especially if you have a Schaefers.


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Heh, I am doing the same thing now. However, I only got one character active right now and that is the Javazon, lvl94. Long time since I played her.


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Good to hear from everybody!

Well I'm off and running with my Druid. So far I have made it to the RoF waypoint. Most of my points have gone into Lycanthropy so far and it is close to being maxed. My wolves are still holding their own and my Act I Rouge merc is doing fine on her own. I am working on getting some more levels right now and looking forward to Fury at lvl 30.

Cerebus lvl 28 Werewolf Act IV RoF

My other active character is my Sorcie. A couple of months ago she completed norm and is now working on leveling. FO is close to being maxed and she uses a +1 sorc, +1 FO staff right now.

Candelora lvl 45 Tri-sorc Act I NM Cold Plains