Back from the battles on TitanQuest


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Back from the battles on TitanQuest

Well, I promised that I would report back after playing TitanQuest and did so for the first couple of weeks of playing. I have now completed the game and will give my final report. It is great fun to play and has an ease of playing similar to Diabloii. It also tends to become a bit boring after you have completed the game with one character.

You can build a new character and try out new skills and there are plenty of diverse character types you can play but the game is a bit too linear. The multiplayer is too difficult to try to play on a regular basis.

I reccommend it for anyone to play but definitely does not have the replayability of Dii.

That said, I am considering MageKnight, Apocalypse for the present and Hellgate:London when it comes out. I imagine all of my Dii characters expired and I don't think I want to re-up for the game anyway. That said, I sure wish that DiabloIII would appear on the horizon. I really wonder why Vivendi doesn't realize the huge numbers of buyers they have for the series.


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Right now, while I do log in from time to time on DII, I've been play Gunz and Ultima Online (Free shard). However, I have kept an eye on Hellgate: London, so I may pick that up in due time.

I never had the chance to pick of Titan Quest. It looked alright, but more limiting than DII--not to say DII is too simplistic. I wanted to try it, and I may still download it to check it out quick, but I never saw the magic in it.