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me love "return my lost files " program

well I've thought posting this here in this thread is the best, as I've mentioned in the first post that I've lost all my D2 files from the hard desk (actually it was deleted, but don't ask why :cry: ). So I was surfing in the net and found something about restoring deleted files. So I've download a shareware programm (called "restoration") and try it, unfortunately all Atma stashes were already written over (means no any way to restore anything of them) as well as many characters file. HOWEVER there was some files, which the programm could recover them without problems. The following characters were recovered (wearing their full gear, and all those files were on the third partition of my HD, which I occasionaly use and that was a back up of the charachters files):
Poisonmancer (no bramble here, it was given away since long time ago to a good friend here in forum)
Blizz sorc
light sorc
Java zone
WW barb
IK barb
poison/bone hybridmancer
windy druid

and my 1.07 FO sorc as well as the barb.

well I'll list now the most imoportant items which I've recovered:
Death Web 2/2 -49%
4x SoJ <--------- (I had 7x :hanky: )
2x Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
HoTO (+37%)
Schaeffer hammer
Gul rune
Um rune
3x Skulders
Templar's might
6x harlequin
eth up'ed hone sudan
stone runeword
2x Sanctuary runeword (once with +68 resis the other +70)
crescent moon runeword
2x HoZ
a bunch of skillers some of them dual mode.
and some very nasty rare items.

that was for 1.10 and for 1.07 "only" following items (the full atma read out for those who don't know why those items are very very usefull)

Mal rune

The Grandfather
Colossus Blade

One-Hand Damage: 40 to 135
Two-Hand Damage: 42 to 267
Required Dexterity: 65
Required Strength: 188
Required Level: 81
Sword Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x2ae203ba
+20 to Strength
+20 to Dexterity
+175 to Life
+150% Enhanced Damage
Increase Maximum Life 25%
Increase Maximum Mana 25%

150% Bonus to Attack Rating
+2 to Maximum Damage (2.5 per Character Level)
Socketed (1: 0 used)

Vampire Gaze
Grim Helm

Defense: 252
Durability: 38 of 40
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 41
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x63942b50
+100% Enhanced Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 15
Damage Reduced by 25%
8% Life stolen per hit
8% Mana stolen per hit
15% Slower Stamina Drain

Valkyrie Wing
Winged Helm

Defense: 120
Durability: 31 of 40
Required Strength: 115
Required Level: 44
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0x23317fed
+35 Defense
30% Increased Attack Speed
30% Faster Run/Walk
30% Faster Hit Recovery
30% Faster Cast Rate

Prefix 869 Balrog Blade
One-Hand Damage: 48 to 232
Two-Hand Damage: 124 to 376
Durability: 50 of 50
Required Dexterity: 119
Required Strength: 142
Required Level: 69
Sword Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x2ba59204
+300% Enhanced Damage
Socketed (4: 0 used)

Imp Scourge
Great Poleaxe
Two-Hand Damage: 90 to 509
Durability: 55 of 55
Required Dexterity: 99
Required Strength: 179
Required Level: 73
Polearm Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 54
Fingerprint: 0x429bcded
+11 to Life
+376% Enhanced Damage
+76 to Attack Rating
2% Life stolen per hit
Socketed (3: 0 used)

so that was almost all the important items, which I've "refound" again. I don't want to think about those lost items in stashes, but anyway I'm very happy now