Back Again & Things have Changed . . .

Catch 22

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Back Again & Things have Changed . . .

Wow. I've been gone since LOD first came out (b/f any patches). Started playing MP on battlenet and couldn't beleive the cheating, immaturity, et al. Anyway, suffice it to say, I've decide I like the direction of this forum so I'm going to play SP. I even downloaded ATMA and started a "Fishymancer". (I know its a formula, but it's been awhile). Anyway, if I need some decent startup gear, do I just post under the trading sticky. I don't want to beg or offend, but the head start would be great. Anyway, I'm back and I think I'll stay awhile.


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Welcome! It sounds as if you will certainly enjoy your time here. If you're looking for some startup gear, check out the stickied giveaway thread. :)


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Welcome to the SPF, hope you enjoy your stay :)

I have some nice bits and pieces for Fishymancers, since I've been collecting them for mine, he's Pat now and dont need all the huge ammount of stuff I've collected along the way... post yer email addy and I'll set up a mule with some stuff and send it your way :)


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Welcome back to D2LOD and to the SPF.

Items for trade and freebies are in the sticky thread at the top of the page, also a good place to ask for specific items if that is what you need.


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welcome to the forum!! I'll make sure to find that other thread, and see if I can dig up some stuff for you...

enjoy your stay!



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Welcome! Enjoy youtr stay here! :drink:
For items, check my giveaway that will be held in the near future. :thumbsup:



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Yet another fishy...he's a pretty well proven build and probably the easiest to get into SP with, so enjoy :thumbsup:

Feel free to drop by the EMB for a drink after a hard day exploding corpses :drink:

Catch 22

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A big domo

All, thanks for the welcome. :thanks:

By the way, has anyone played a wind druid (sp?). Are they valid in 1.10? I've seen some posts but read nothing about effectiveness?


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Welcome to SPF!


ow and about the windy's they rock ;) maybe you should read my guide and build one, they are themost fun chars i've played in a long time ^^



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Welcome. :clap:

Fishymancer doesn't need good start up gear at all. I made guardian fishy with all crap gear. and at normal and NM, my fishy was practicaly naked (weaponless, blockless, defenceless).

It is fun build. Hope to see your guardian fishy soon.