Back after 5 year hiatus, want to MP!


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Hey all!

Firing up my D2 PC that I found last night after we moved to a new home.

I play 1.14D HC FAM, Trader Profile Here

Available characters:
Will start a new one to compliment your character. Twinked or UnTwinked!
Lvl 90 Hammerdin (Guardian)
Lvl 61 Shout Barb (Act 1 Hell)
Lvl 61 Hurricane Druid (Act 1 Hell)
Lvl 70 Blizz/Fireball Sorc (Act 1 Hell)
Lvl 55 Summoner (Act 2 NM)
Lvl 52 Javazon (Act 1 Hell)

My available times 1-3 days a week:
Sun-Thurs: 8pm-12am
Fri-Sat: 8pm-2/3am

I would prefer if we could text and schedule available times. I'm busy but with notice I can dedicated 2-4 hours 2-3 nights week if it works out!
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Gonna start Act 2 HC with my summoner, Illuminerti tonight around 9:30pm CT.

I've got somewhat decent items; shako, hota, cta, 34 viper, but nothing better than that.

If you're interested feel free to PM or post here!


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Flail made. Going for Mephisto around 8pm CT tonight and then onto Act 4!


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I'm really interested in duoing. I usually play Hardcore untwinked and like the idea of odd builds (e.g. Pally Ranger) and synergy (e.g. auras, curses, buffs, etc.) I also have a microphone. Would prefer to create new characters and play through the game.