Babyhell fast running adventures


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Hey :)

Another project i'll try to get into: fast runs (from creation to "any ending objective").

For now i created BabyFire, which ended act 1 in 2 hours, lvl 15.4 - including a lot of useless countess runs.

Next time i'll forget about countess, i now see it's not useful before act 2 leveling process and hitting lvl 16/17 to try to get the remaining Tal Eth and Tir Ral runes (for a sorc).

Step 1 is not successful, but it has been fun anyway :)

As untwinked, BabyFire will be involved in the Overburdened challenge 'til death or Mat :)

I'll add a vid with highlights when i have time. Will have to find how to add a timer on video too!

See you on next update!
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