BabyBaba the Venal, a twinked road to Patriarch


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As i'm taking much fun with it, i decided to have a dedicated thread for the story itself. So here we go !


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BabyBaba, the Venal Barbarian

BabyBaba's father was a strong warrior who fought demon hordes all his life, but always refused the gold and glory he could pretend to - gold weighs the arm down, he used to say.

His mother was a really tough woman, always hoping for a simple life, keeping the family out of amenities, and the only person who could turn her angry was her husband - hell she didn't like that demon's stuff !

One night, demon's went to their home, started to burn it. Awaken, the parent's took the husband's swords, and fought all night long. In the morning, house was down, demon bodies were everywhere, and three swords were lying on the floor. That was too much this time, and legend says that the mother's last words towards her husband were "I f*cking told you !"

Hopefully, BabyBaba was sleeping at a friend's house. When he had been told the terrible news, he ran away from his town, and nobody there ever see him again...

Having left old countries for good, BabyBaba landed in a land of devastation, and found refuge in an adventurer's house, called BabyLand (wtf is that name ?! that's the pinky point of the story :p #D3Style !). There, he met two pallies called the Johnnies, an assassin who was seeing herself much stronger than she really was, a lazy sorc who was using teleporting at anytime she needed to make a move

and a lastly arrived amazon who really - but really - liked beef ! He also discovered some days after his arrival the presence of a second assassin, who seemed to live apart from everyone.

After a dozen years brought in the middle of this tribe, BabyBaba was getting as strong as his parents, but wasn't feeling any attraction for adventures. One day however, JohnnyBeGood went back from the village with a huge bag on his back.

At lunch time, he looked at BabyBaba:
- hey kid, i found something today. Someone was selling a bunch of things he got from his far away journeys. You told me your father was a quite reknowned warrior, didn't you ?

BabyBaba didn't know what to answer. Not because they were rarely talking about him, but he suddenly felt that his life was right about to change. He said in a breath:
- True.
- Yep. When i found this, i knew it was time for you to step forward. Wouldn't you like to check my bag ?
Everyone was being curious. Once again, JohnnyBeGood made something on his own, without telling anyone. Everyone but BabyBaba. He wasn't sure he really wanted to know, to change his life that was calm enough not to risk to move on.

After some long minutes, he finally took the bag and opened it. He discovered an ancient relic, a huge armor with a gigantic maul, whom power could be felt by anyone in the room. BabyBaba eyes were wide open, the excitement was rising up. The so-called Baby family was going to welcome a new member, BabyBaba just discovered the pleasure of getting treasures. He asked:
- Can I try it ?
- I guess no, BabySorc answered. I got a somehow similar one, and it magically refused to be worn until i fought enough monsters of all kind.
- So be it, i am ready to slain any of those, i just need you all to share some equipment with me !
The family members looked at each other. Did they really heard that ? How could a mind change be so quick ?

As the first Patriarch, JohnnyBeGood asked if someone had an issue with it. Noobazon, the amazon, replied that she was well suited thanks to everyone here already, and that this shown confidence makes her do her best each and everyday. Decision was taken, BabyBaba would be helped as a full family member.

[To be continued - or not]
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