Baal runs 201-300 of 1000


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Baal runs 201-300 of 1000

runs 1-100:
runs 101-200:

here are the results for my newest set of runs:

Number of Items : 192

1: Riphook
Razor Bow

2: Firelizard's Talons
Feral Claws

3: Griswold's Heart
Ornate Plate

4: Toothrow
Sharktooth Armor

5: Visceratuant

6: Gravenspine
Bone Wand

7: Raven Frost

8: Isenhart's Horns
Full Helm

9: The General's Tan Do Li Ga

10: Cleglaw's Tooth
Long Sword

11: Azurewrath
Phase Blade

12: Civerb's Ward
Large Shield

13: Arcanna's Deathwand
War Staff

14: Skull Splitter
Military Pick

15: Deathbit
Battle Dart

16: Eschuta's Temper
Eldritch Orb

17: Cleglaw's Claw
Small Shield

18: M'avina's Embrace
Kraken Shell

19: Stormspire
Giant Thresher

20: Naj's Puzzler
Elder Staff

21: Blackhand Key
Grave Wand

22: Spirit Keeper
Earth Spirit

23: Crushflange

24: The Face of Horror

25: Naj's Circlet

26: Sander's Paragon

27: Arcanna's Flesh
Light Plate

28: The Grim Reaper
War Scythe

29: Nightwing's Veil
Spired Helm

30: Hawkmail
Scale Mail

31: Earthshaker
Battle Hammer

32: M'avina's Embrace
Kraken Shell

33: Lycander's Aim
Ceremonial Bow

34: Goreshovel
Broad Axe

35: Rogue's Bow
Composite Bow

36: Bloodmoon
Elegant Blade

37: Guillaume's Face
Winged Helm

38: Griswold's Edge
Broad Sword

39: The General's Tan Do Li Ga

40: Dark Adherent
Dusk Shroud

41: The Spirit Shroud
Ghost Armor

42: Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate

43: Gleamscythe

44: Duskdeep
Full Helm

45: Stormguild
Large Shield

46: Manald Heal

47: Tancred's Weird

48: Bonesnap

49: Nord's Tenderizer

50: Venom Ward
Breast Plate

51: Hellcast
Heavy Crossbow

52: Culwen's Point
War Sword

53: Ripsaw

54: Iratha's Coil

55: Sigon's Gage

56: Milabrega's Orb
Kite Shield

57: Cleglaw's Tooth
Long Sword

58: Skull Splitter
Military Pick

59: Dark Clan Crusher

60: Spectral Shard

61: Blastbark
Long War Bow

62: Frostburn

63: Moser's Blessed Circle
Round Shield

64: Sander's Taboo
Heavy Gloves

65: Infernostride
Demonhide Boots

66: Sigon's Gage

67: Hellplague
Long Sword

68: Arctic Binding
Light Belt

69: Angelic Wings

70: Wizardspike
Bone Knife

71: Flamebellow
Balrog Blade

72: Viperfork

73: Eaglehorn
Crusader Bow

74: Bloodletter

75: Raven Claw
Long Bow

76: Hsarus' Iron Stay

77: Steeldriver
Great Maul

78: Silkweave
Mesh Boots

79: Milabrega's Orb
Kite Shield

80: Cathan's Mesh
Chain Mail

81: Cathan's Visage

82: Angelic Halo

83: Bonesnap

84: Blood Raven's Charge
Matriarchal Bow

85: Chance Guards
Chain Gloves

86: Sigon's Sabot

87: Duskdeep
Full Helm

**: Guillaume's Face
Winged Helm

89: Goldwrap
Heavy Belt

90: Tancred's Crowbill
Military Pick

91: Milabrega's Diadem

92: Grim's Burning Dead
Grim Scythe

93: Natalya's Totem
Grim Helm

94: Soulflay

95: Soulflay

96: Berserker's Hatchet
Double Axe

97: Tancred's Crowbill
Military Pick

98: Cathan's Visage

99: Naj's Circlet

100: Biggin's Bonnet

101: Hellslayer

102: Rune Master
Ettin Axe

103: Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
Balrog Skin

104: Ondal's Almighty
Spired Helm

105: Venom Ward
Breast Plate

106: Bverrit Keep
Tower Shield

107: Sigon's Sabot

108: The Chieftain
Battle Axe

109: Vidala's Barb
Long Battle Bow

110: Rune Master
Ettin Axe

111: Milabrega's Diadem

112: Swordguard
Executioner Sword

113: Arcanna's Deathwand
War Staff

114: Soul Harvest

115: Arm of King Leoric
Tomb Wand

116: Civerb's Icon

117: Tancred's Crowbill
Military Pick

118: Isenhart's Parry
Gothic Shield

119: Immortal King's Pillar
War Boots

120: Twitchthroe
Studded Leather

121: Alma Negra
Sacred Rondache

122: Isenhart's Horns
Full Helm

123: Warpspear
Gothic Staff

124: Kelpie Snare

125: The Minotaur
Ancient Axe

126: Griswold's Edge
Broad Sword

127: Spectral Shard

128: Skull Splitter
Military Pick

129: The Jade Tan Do

130: Sigon's Shelter
Gothic Plate

131: Nightsmoke

132: Steelclash
Kite Shield

133: Spectral Shard

134: The Meat Scraper
Lochaber Axe

135: Grim's Burning Dead
Grim Scythe

136: Eschuta's Temper
Eldritch Orb

137: Veil of Steel
Spired Helm

138: Wraith Flight
Ghost Glaive

139: Gore Rider
War Boots

140: Lenymo

141: Natalya's Soul
Mesh Boots

142: Buriza-Do Kyanon

143: Iratha's Coil

144: Arctic Horn
Short War Bow

145: Immortal King's Forge
War Gauntlets

146: Infernal Sign
Heavy Belt

147: Sigon's Wrap
Plated Belt

148: Hellrack
Colossus Crossbow

149: Hellslayer

150: Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate

151: Hand of Blessed Light
Divine Scepter

152: Islestrike
Twin Axe

153: Demon's Arch
Balrog Spear

154: Duskdeep
Full Helm

155: Goblin Toe
Light Plated Boots

156: Cathan's Seal

157: Magnus' Skin
Sharkskin Gloves

158: Trang-Oul's Scales
Chaos Armor

159: Visceratuant

160: Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate

161: Steel Shade

162: Doomslinger
Repeating Crossbow

163: Demon Limb
Tyrant Club

164: Boneflesh
Plate Mail

165: The Chieftain
Battle Axe

166: Guardian Angel
Templar Coat

167: Sparking Mail
Chain Mail

168: The Impaler
War Spear

169: Kinemil's Awl
Giant Sword

170: Blinkbat's Form
Leather Armor

171: Hsarus' Iron Heel
Chain Boots

172: Civerb's Cudgel
Grand Scepter

173: Isenhart's Parry
Gothic Shield

174: Nokozan Relic

175: Cathan's Seal

176: Rockfleece
Field Plate

177: The Redeemer
Mighty Scepter

178: Pompeii's Wrath

179: Trang-Oul's Claws
Heavy Bracers

180: Serpent Lord
Long Staff

181: Bonehew
Ogre Axe

182: Immortal King's Stone Crusher
Ogre Maul

183: Natalya's Shadow
Loricated Mail

184: Berserker's Hatchet
Double Axe

185: The General's Tan Do Li Gan

186: Skin of the Vipermagi
Serpentskin Armor

187: Bloodtree Stump
War Club

188: Soul Harvest

189: Cathan's Seal

190: Dark Clan Crusher

191: Naj's Circlet

192: Iratha's Coil

-these runs started out on fire
-items 2, 7, 11, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, all came on the first 10 runs
-items 19, 20, 22 all came on the the same run #7
-item 19 ,the Stormspire(only TC 90 item so far), dropped off a unique Black Soul right infront of the WSK lvl2 waypoint. item 20, naj's staff, dropped off another unique Black Soul in baal's throne room.
-2 TC3 items on this set Biggin's Bonnet(100) and Lenymo (140)
-most popular items were; duskdeep helm, isenhart's case, skull splitter, spectral shard, and tancred's crowbill all of which were found 3x.
-i misplaced some items when i was dumping (good thing i write down all the elites) so items 181-192 actually should be somewhere between 20-29.
-35 elites this 100 runs (4 duplicates m'avina's armor, hellslayer, runemaster (off back to back runs), and eschuta's temper)
-only 4 pieces of unique jewelry: 2 rings(ravenfrost and manald) 1 ammy (noz relic)
-i think i got 5or6 skiller GC's this set. but im not posting charm or jewel (still no facets :grrr: ) or gem info b/c i'm planning to use it as part of the giveaway at the end.
-as lemming pointed out i got both spired helms 29 and 137 to go with both phase blades (azure on 7 lightsaber last set run 20) now i need both scourge

all and all i think this was my best set of runs. it features my only TC90 item so far (even iff baal didnt drop it) and it features the largest number of elites. hopefully i have more sets like this in the next 700. next set coming soon.

EDIT: i posted early trying to preview so i had to edit several times


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dont forget biggins bonnet. that was the best find.

also i want to add the notes (i cant edit anymore)
-3 of each the following items were also found but not listed on the popular items list b/c they we temperarly misplaced: The General's Flail, Naj's Circlet, and Iratha's Coil


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Wow, nice items indeed. 30% done. I wonder who will get their project done first. You or me? :D


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Nice findings,

logger120 said:
all and all i think this was my best set of runs. it features my only TC90 item so far
there are no TC 90 items anymore. If I am correct all TC 90 items where lowered to TC 87



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Hah, great finds there, maybe I can do some Baal runs again and steal some luck from you. (Sander's paragon - yummy)


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Hmnnnnn ... Stormspire and Azurewrath ... nice finds. Still doesn't make me wanna run Baal though that stingy bastich!


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:clap:nice work i bet your result will inspire many people to run baal:)

me i downloaded maplestory global again so my runs are a bit delayed


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lone_wolf said:
:clap:nice work i bet your result will inspire many people to run baal:)
It sure inspired me ;), i think i will start as soon as i finish my 1000 hell meph runs



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Good work man, a nice series of runs there with some high level items for your troubles. I just have one thing to say.

I want your Stormspire. :D The only item I have never had, both in SP or online in 5 years of playing. Poor me.


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Randall said:
Nice findings,

there are no TC 90 items anymore. If I am correct all TC 90 items where lowered to TC 87

yeah but it used to be TC 90 and the TC list i have is old. it is just a way for me to categorize the high level drop. basically to point out it was my best drop so far.

Nightfire05 said:
Good work man, a nice series of runs there with some high level items for your troubles. I just have one thing to say.

I want your Stormspire. The only item I have never had, both in SP or online in 5 years of playing. Poor me.
look for the give away after run 1000 you might be able to win it there