Baal, Hammerdins and Wave 2


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What is everyone using versus wave 2? I have been running Holy Bolt but it's (literally) hit and miss, what with your merc stepping in front of it and all. I have experimented with hammer field, Redemption (to eat the skeletons), telestomp and spam holy bolts, but none of this makes good time or is consistent. What is everyone else running? Maybe a zeal or smite hybrid would be the solution? Anyway open to suggestion, I want to farm some essences and that wave 2 is impeding my fun.


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I haven't tried it but a 1pt Zeal with PB/BA CtA on switch should be sufficient enough. Adding a PB Grief in inventory will be for sure.


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You've got time to swap weapons between waves, so I would swap out the heart of oak with a grief weapon and use smite with the normal concentration aura or 1 point for fanatacism if that is too slow.


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I would try this:

Max hammers and synergies + conc. aura normally.
1pt holy shield
1 pt Zeal
rest Fanaticism

20 fcr 2 pally skills circlet of some kind
Highlord's Wrath
Arachnid Mesh
Ghouldhide gloves
Whatever boots you prefer

main switch: cta + spirit
secondary switch for wave 2: grief + spirit

Merc: I would probably use Insight, but I guess Reaper's is great too if you can manage your mana

You would have ~10.5k hammer damage, ~10 k AR + ignore target defense + -% def on boss himself, ~6.5k Zeal damage. Solid lightning resist from equipment alone.
Pro: no intentory switching gear, you can have full inventory of combat skillers + small charms + cube
Con: 75 fcr, no 125 fcr. Low MF if you care about that at all. Lowish lifeleech for second wave, but who knows how much is actually enough. Circlet can have leech too for nice number overall. Also gloves are probably replaceable since 6k AR without ghoulhide bonus to AR should really be enough, especially since Grief has ITD mod (I actually added those gloves for damage, not AR).
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Truth is you can play with shield on Grief switch at any way you like.
Gogogo Alma Negra!

Also for Baal himself possibly good idea is to have at least some crushing blow, so my recommended gear has some flaws in it since only boots would provide that. I guess some crafted crushing blow gloves instead of Ghoulhide is possible answer, so is Guillaume's face + fcr gloves. There are more options naturally.
Killing Baal who has million hp with 10k hammers alone... therefore crushing blow for fast reducing hp to not waste time.
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