Baal bites the dust again


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Baal bites the dust again

Yeah, well, Baal bite it again, he's nothing more than a liquid thing in the destruction chamber now. Yeah, you gueesed it, it's a "enter the patriarch" thread.

Char Name: Morbius
Char Class: Necromancer
Char Build: Fishymancer (you know, 20 CE, 20 SM, 20 RS, useful curses, rest in clay golem, the usual)
Char Level: 83
Char Stats: with items/base
Life: 764/708
Mana: 592/305
Strength: 115/115
Dex: 89/52
Vitality: 255/255
Energy: 83/83
Resist in hell: -3/-12/43/-3

Char Setup:
Weapon: Blade of Ali Baba
Shield: Rare necro head (Blood Rock
Unraveller Head
Defense: 6
Chance to Block: 28%
Durability: 20 of 20
(Necromancer Only)
Required Strength: 18
Required Level: 42
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 59
Fingerprint: 0x57b4ad80
Fire Resist +3%
Lightning Resist +12%
Cold Resist +3%
Poison Resist +3%
Adds 12-28 poison damage over 4 seconds
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
17% Faster Hit Recovery
Poison Length Reduced by 50%)
Helmet: 3 os crown with 3 ptopaz
Armor: 4 os gothic plate with 4 ptopaz
Boots: Rare boots with light resist, cold resist, 20 MF, 20% FRW.
Belt: Rare belt with light resist, fire resist, 17 FHR
Gloves: Rare gloves with light resist, fire resist, poison resist, 13% MF and 54% GF.
Amulet: Rare amulet (nice one may I say)
Bone Collar
Required Level: 48
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0xe3429557
+59 to Mana
Fire Resist +14%
Lightning Resist +14%
Cold Resist +14%
Poison Resist +52%
23% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
10% Faster Cast Rate
Level 1 Teleport (14/22 Charges)
Ring 1: Ravenfrost (20 dex, 244 AR)
Ring 2: Stone of Jordan

Merc: Jemali (Act 2 NM offensive merc)
Weapon: Ethereal Athena's Wrath
Armor: Duriel's Shell
Helmet: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

Quick Overview: This is my first 1.11 char (I never touched 1.10) and so, he has finded all the things I own now, I must say that having teleport with a fishymancer makes managing the minions and merc much more easily, and the ammy gives it plus +mana, resists, FCR and MF. His luck was amazing during normal and nightmare, he founded uniques even from normal enemies at 0 MF, then I ran NM meph for a while and the SoJ came, since then......... nothing!!!

No, that's not his MF setup, that his optimal setup!! I found NOTHING since the SoJ!. I ran all hell difficulty with this setup (which gave me >300 MF) and the only thing I found was soul drainer from hell diablo. Heck, even hell hellforge gave me a hel :rolleyes: and Hell Baal, in the most cruel joke ever, gave me a green breastplate as the only set or unique. Well, his destiny lies in running the pits to make up for such a horrible luck.

Thanks for reading!


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that's what you get when you don't play 16 hours a day lik myself.
hell baal is good for running. i like his drops more that boring pindle.


Yeah! First one always rocks! Glad that you finally make it also!! Congrats Arreat_Mercenary!!!!!!!!!

SoJ from Meph... so good.....


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@nebux: 16 hours a day? Wow, that's way too much! I do have other things to do! Like, um, eating and sleeping :grin:

@Suiling: Thanks cute, yeah, a SoJ from NM meph, but I found almost nothing afterwards...........


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Suiling said:
Er, you don't have any Trangs?
You could do Trangs ... but that setup is more geared towards a poisonmancer ... although a Trangs fishymancer would be perfectly fine. Plus, some parts of Trangs is actually a bit difficult to find. Namely the helm and wing.

A basic fishymancer is basically about +skills and MF capability within a certain player level context. You'd do better with uniques and MF to make the most of a fishymancer although it doesn't look like it made much difference with AM's MF luck.

Usually, you end up with something like a Shako, 4ptopaz or Skullder's, Chancies, marrowalks or MF boots like War Traveler, Homunculus or something with MF, AliBaba or Gull ... Naj's on switch for tele, Goldwrap for MF or Arachnids for +1 skills, Mara or a good necro ammy and SoJs/BK ring.

With Trangs you would not approach the level of MF of a unique setup plus there's a FCR restriction with Full Trangs with limits your ability to spam Corpse Explosion - which is usually the main focus of your killing power.

Other than that, Full Trangs with a Death's Web is a great Pit cleaner. Good luck on the Dweb though ... that one eludes me to this day dang it!


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Bill_n_opus is right Suiling, although Trang's set is good, is not mandatory for a necromancer, and the setup itself is geared towards poison users.

Besides, the fishymancer build is powerful enough to go with full MF equipment, the only thing you need is to keep your distance from the heat of battle: attract, dim vision and terror greatly help for that.

Fishy's are about mainly getting the first corpse and start the CE chain, my setup gives me only +3 skills (2 from the shield and one from SoJ) and negative resists except for lightning and still I could advance fairly quick and rarely die, and those deaths were because I was hasting and was not carefule enough


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I should edit that if you had a full Trang's with a Death's Web it would be an awesome all-around build that could kick butt through all parts of the game with little exception, not just the Pits.

The Pits, however, would be a prime area for a Trang's with a Dweb with both poison and skellies with CE maxed out. Or you could take off some hard points from CE reducing the blast radius a little bit and keeping your army and poison intact. Coupled with some poison facets it would be amazing.

Plus, walking or running is the same with a full Trangs so you would keep your Trangs on walk fulltime and maintain full blocking so that's even safer!


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First thing is to give maintance to my laptop, the lamp is broken, so I don't see anything. I'm currently using a monitor from a PC but I can't play here :rolleyes:

Anyway, next comes some runs at the pits, and then I think that a blizzballer will be born, after that I have a little project I want to do.


I wasted alot rare for Trangs... But actually Trang is quite good. My minion chopping Baal while i'm nehind casting Fire Wall and Meteor..

Yeah. Run Tunnel Arreat_Mercenary! I'd make alot of run already.


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That Bone Collar is one of the best amulets I´ve seen! :thumbsup:

Haha, "optimal" gear. :azn: You do know that those lousy resists are your own choice, right? If you had put 7 resist runes instead of topazes in socketed armor/helm, you´d be looking at 75/75/73/-3.

A few questions:
- What was on the weapon switch?
- What were the socket and imbue rewards used on?
- I take it that the merc weapon was good enough since you seem to have no problems, but was there really no better weapon for him out there?
- Did you find any good charms or jewels?


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@jiansonz and nickedoff: Thanks! I'm very proud of the amulet myself, although if that FCR were +skills......... well, it's very good anyway.

@jiansonz: Well, yeah, the resist are my choice, but really I had no troubles with elemental attacks, having +18 tanks + curses really makes some breathing space :wink3: except for gloams, which required an spam fest of dim vision.

- In weapon switch there were a magical wand with +2 necro skills (prebuff) and an ancient's pledge shield

- I still haven't used any imbue, socket or personalize quests :unimpressed:

- No, there really weren't any better weapons. As I said, the luck was TERRIBLE since the SoJ find, and really I had no much problems, attract is a blessing and really I needed the damage from the merc just for Act bosses (which clay golem + decrep= sloooooooow), for the rest was just attract, amplify, wait, CE, CE, CE, CE, next mob...... (although Baal took something like 10 minutes to make him kiss the floor). I was in decision to make honor in an elite polearm or spear, but not even a 5 os one came...........

- Well, I did find a sweet fine small charm of sustenance (3,20,15), a tangerine small charm of fortune (4,4), and a coral grand charm of sustenance (29 life, 24 lightning resist), the rest were plain resist charms, +life charms and +life and +mana charms