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MFing Question

When your mf ing in a place such as the pits, is it worth it to kill every ordinary mob or just tele around to the boss packs?


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Re: MFing Question

Check out the Newcomer Forum for stuff like this.

For an overview:
Nightfish MF Oddballs has a diminishing returns table

For more detailed info:
Bnet MF Guide
MF Guide by Hrus - technical

As for kill all or bosses: it depends how much it slows you down. When I kill Memphy, I kill Memphy, pop the chest at the back and leave. With the Ancient Tunnels I killed everything and I'd say most of my good drops were from normal stuff.

Speed > MF. Everytime.

Oh and ATMA the Single Player Muling Utility (see Stickied Thread in SPF) has a drop calculator which is very useful.