Awww...I missed you too, D2 - Item Find Thread April 2019


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No matter how old I get I still get nervous when letting Cain identify items with more than one potential and tell myself that it won't be the item I want so I'm not let down :p


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I let Cain identify everything that isn't either a top tier unique, one that has two possible outcomes or ones where the roll means a lot. I have to do that myself. In fact I keep all my uniques that are decent unidentified and check the roll on gomule, until I am going to use it. Going back to when I started in 1.09, I always found UNID items to look way cooler and have something special to them. I also want to take a screenshot of all my UNIDS on the ground one day, those look awesome. Back in earlier patches, people preferred UNID items often because it "supposedly" meant they couldn't be duped. Like a UNID Windforce in 1.09 was 40 SoJs and was most people wanted to buy it UNID. The only exception was some items where rolls meant a lot, like a 50% Wtravs being obviously much more desired than a UNID one.


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Doing some pit runs and Andariel runs on rerolled maps, trying to find a good one for either. Andariel drops me a Gheed. First one I ever find. Good roll on the vendor prices, poor on the other two. But 26 extra MF will help alot with my noob gear anyway.



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Surprisingly good drops from a stretch of ~90.5-92.5 at P8 Pit as WW Barb. Think I will continue running this until ~93-94 then do ancients and run WSK. I also finally got around to rolling a Trav map for my Sorc and got this one after not long at all.

Oh, before I forget...this dropped tonight:




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Agreed, 20/15 Griffon's is cool but indeed that eth Executioner's Justice has major style points potential. ;) Not a perfect roll to please the Zod God, but I'd definitely build a character around it!


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Doubt I’ll do anything with it, too much to do still preparing MFO and RFO characters and that untwinked 99er thing has been calling my name...


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@Yng wow killer find. better get that javazon or lightning sorc going!

@ffs I have never found a Zod, but I am considering using it on this if I do. Do you think this is worth a Zod build? I know Grief is so much better than everything, but this has way more style you think? So close to perfect.

Heaven's Light
Mighty Scepter
One Hand Damage: 238 - 310
Durability: 26 of 26
Required Level: 61
Required Strength: 115
Required Dexterity: 55
Fingerprint: 0x16443f5d
Item Level: 79
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Paladin Skill Levels
+20% Increased Attack Speed
298% Enhanced Damage
-33% Target Defense
+150% Damage to Undead
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
+18 Life after each Demon Kill
+3 to Light Radius
2 Sockets (0 used)


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Dropping off my most recent interesting finds before I grind out some LK:

I'll probably never use this, but it's always cool to see a potentially useful Ormus.

Nothing fancy here, little ebug Rhyme for my blizz sorc. The extra def does't amount to much because my general strategy is to just not get hit in the first place, but it's a very stylish compliment to my eth Oculus:

\m/ hail stan 666 \m/

Cool set of mods, too bad they didn't get self-repair but I'll throw them on somebody til they break: