Awooo!!! werewolf :VIDEO:Pk


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The way I am reading the poll, I see one choice*... Was that intentional?

I think I have seen this one before anywho, reposted?

*2 choices, they just mean the same thing...


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Yah the poll is meant too be sarcastic , make's me look so full of myself lmao.


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Just installed xp, and now i cant watch the movie cos of some stupid java ****. And im tired...


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This is w hy they dont have wererabbits on d2, you kept ripping all their feet off so you can win a bloody duel.

gj btw


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bobofuzzlymunky said:
*drool* wtf do u use man?.... ur life? fcr? dmg? jesus.

a lucky rabbits foot!!! what else?:prop:

nice vid :thumbsup: veru entertaining.

this sort of vid could do for wolve's what mcm's vid's have done for bvc's, is that a good thing?:scratch:


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I don't know if it's just because I'm new to D2 (which I'm assuming it is), but it's hard to tell what's going on in PvP videos.

Nice job, though. :p

By the way, how are you hitting them when they're not near you?


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XD Splendid, Master Kiba. That sorc had it coming when she teled on top of you though. I was like "Well, SHE'S dead."

Woof woof aroooo!

EDIT- By the way you're just a lucky lucky wolfie ;)