Awash in Delight


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Awash in Delight

When I first heard they were making a comic adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series I was both filled with hope and dread. I have really liked the books a great deal (though I haven't had a chance to pick up the last few recent ones). I love comics. It is like a match made in heaven or possible hell if they butcher it.

Nick and I made a trip to the comic store to pick it up. The first issue was sold out, but the second issue was in stock. We picked it up and a few other things.

I have just finished reading issue two, and I am amazed. I read that they were going to try to keep it as close to the books as possible. I am really surprised on how good of a job they have done! The dialog in this issue is near verbatim from the book. Some of the images have been subtlety toned down for a non adult audience, but it stays pretty damn close.

The art is good and since the storyline is unaltered from the book I all ready like it. I am so darn happy right now.