Avenger weapon, one more time


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Avenger weapon, one more time

I am asking this question one more time because I really didn't get a definitive answer as to which weapon would be the best choice for my Avenger and I need to decide before I place the 65 stat points I have saved into the strength or dexterity catagories. Which one would you use:
Lightsabre (phase blade)
Additionally, which merc do you prefer:
Holy Freeze
Thanks for your replies.


I like decent physical damage on my Avengers for LL and ML. So my vote for merc goes to the Might merc. Any elite unique with some elemental damage, would be a good choice. Canebeak would definitely be very original.


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physical vs elemental damage:

physical damage will result in about 10 times the weapon damage worth of elemental damage.
So to compare weapon's damage, divide the elemental damage on it by 10, add that to weapon damage and so compare them.

i have an avenger, i used it with baranars and have been thinking about lightsabre when i found it.
I have not really calculated it well, but i think the damage per time would be slightly better for baranars. the light basorb made me think about using the LS though.

What truly is the best weapon, you should calculate depending on the breakpoints though. So it depends on what other gear you have.

The merc, the leeching is indeed a valid option to go for might. I had chosen for a defiance merc though since it fits a paly very well to increase his defence and the damage might adds to your attack really isnt impressive (since unlike the elemental damage it wont be doubled by conviction)


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Anybody else? Gotta make up my mind and place those points soon. By the way, I only play hardcore.


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ive also come across this problem with my avenger. i decided on a shael'd barnars just cuz for the leeching. I heard that a defiance merc is a good choice cuz itll save you points that you would normally pump to holy shield and allow you to use those points to pump into vengence synergies


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I had an Avenger (just quit D2). He used a double Shaeled Djinn Slayer (makes even an Avenger fast) and Nord's Tenderizer (just love this weapon). In my opinion thats the way to go. I like both over Baranars which itself is obviously a great weapon. Djinn Slayer is Ladder only though.

By the way, in The Pit I dound a 297% ED, 48% MF near-perfect Ethereal Cranebeak, this was the best 1-handed weapon I have ever seen after 4 yrs of D2. Big Damage, wicked speed, MF, what a weapon! I gave it away free on my first lottery in the Trade forums (since I'm quitting and won't sell on ebay). Winner was ecstatic, he's gonna Zod it and use it for a Pally.

Bloodmoon is a good sword (had that too) but I liked the Djinn Slayer better after using them both.


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Ok, just scored a Nord's and have decided to go with it as my weapon with some throwing axes (glimmer) on the weapon switch. Deciding factor was the strength/dexterity requirements.


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Nords probably works best. I like Lightsabre though, hits the 8fps break pt without much difficulty, helps when u are using conversion too.


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What about an upgraded Butcher's Pupil? It has 20% IAS and when upgraded does around 140-240 physical damage with a chance for critical strike. If you need some leech just socket it and throw and AMN in there.

My avenger has 10 in each resist aura (except salvation) and 12 in vengance right now and is doing 1222-2224 damage.

Nord's is also a good chioce. I love the 50% damage to the undead, it helps to take the un-leechable skeles down fast in hell.


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Personaly I use a stormlash and azure on switch, which both rock in different occasions. These might be to expensive though. I would say go with nord then.
I use a deffiance merc from normal, mainly for tanking purposes. With Shout and the merc aura I usualy get over 43k def.


(HC Pal ladder 34 @ Europe)

sir goatscelot

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For the Avenger, phys dmg is first priority, then speed, then other mods like cb, ow, etc, and finally elemental dmg. This is just mho :)