Avenger Socketing Questions


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Avenger Socketing Questions

Ok i can finally use Bstar, but im wondering what to socket into it? shael? light dmg jewel? im kinda stuck on what to socket :(


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If you were stupid like me and maxed Vengeance, and are obnoxiously rich as well, I'd suggest socketing it with Vex, as you'll REALLY need that mana leech. 9% mana leech with my Nord's and I still have trouble leeching enough mana. I could probably get more with some gloves and that Orphan's Call belt, but then I'd be giving up 67% MF. (I made an MF Avenger and I'm starting to regret it --; )

Although I suppose you could socket it with Shael if you're having problems hitting a breakpoint or something.


Here is the attack speed chart with a Devil Star (B'star has 50% IAS built in):

IAS--------Frames per attack
0 %--------------16
5 %--------------15
11 %-------------14
22 %-------------13
34 %-------------12
50 %-------------11 (unsocketed B'star w/o any IAS gear)
78 %-------------10
120 %-------------9 (Shael'd + 20% IAS Gloves + Highlord's + Nosferatu's)
215 %-------------8

Speed is probably more important than a little more elemental damage, IMHO.

Snarlin Stef

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ahhh... my vengeance pala is sitting happy with his hand of justice phase blade... 12 more IAS for 8 frames... and gear options are WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE open :D

and im about to max vengeance... its no big deal at all.. mana pots and a bit of mana leech items... big whoop... dont bother me none


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i use gimmershred and sometimes bstar but i think i'm gonna transfer baranars to my zealot as gimmer do more damage and as i'm always in party there is always someone with fanaticism with me :]
socket options for bstar shouldnt be used for ml..just use tals mask or gaze if you need leech..
shael is the way to go..could as well be rainbow facet