Avenger Question


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Avenger Question

I was thinking about making a single player avenger with a 2 handed weapon, and was hoping to get some input from anyone who has experience playing one.

I was wondering if the additional damage caused by the 2 hander, resulting in less casts of vengeance, would offset the additional mana cost of using lvl 20 vengeance instead of lvl 1.

I assume my guy will be killing a lot more quickly as well (19 additional levels of vengeance + 2 handed weapon). Does anyone know if that will offset the lack of survivability from going without a shield/holy shield?

Even if it's less effective, can it still do hell with meager equipment?

One last thing: Should I level conviction or my resistance auras first?



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Re: Avenger Question

I've played exactly one avenger, so take this with a grain of salt.

I started off trying for the same thing as you, a synergized avenger using a big pointy stick (2-h weapon). About the time I hit Act 2 Hell, I realized how difficult the rest of the game was going to be without maxed resists, no block, and a lot of stat points in strength. At that point (I hadn't yet sunk too many points into strength), I decided I was being silly. I made a Sanctuary shield in a 45 @res sacred targe, an Oath in an etheral berzerker axe, and tried again. Now this guy has stacked resists and enough damage to keep me moving. I play single player, fyi, and I haven't been doing it too long. These kind of items should all be attainable without too horribly much trouble.

I'm planning to max vengeance, conviction, and all 3 elemental resist auras. So far, I've been taking a balanced approach: enough in vengeance to keep my AR high enough (which isn't too hard with one Ravenfrost and conviction running), conviction to keep monster resists near -100 if they didn't start immune, and getting most of my +damage from the synergies. I also put enough to get one point into holy shield, once I realized I was going to use a shield. This will leave me a few points short of maxing everything else I planned to max, haven't yet decided which skill those points will be coming from.

Vengeance is a single-target skill. I definitely recommend going with a shield to help you survive larger/dangerous mobs. However, an Avenger, while definitely slower than the cheesadin I'm currently leveling, was a very worthwhile build to play. It's one of the few melee builds that can handle CS, for one thing- get yourself a Baranar's Star and Tiamat's rebuke, and you should have no problem with OKs!

BTW- if you play SP and you haven't already done so, stop by the Single Player Forum and the Single Player Trading Forum. If you're not commited to playing self-found, the SPTF is a great place.


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Re: Avenger Question

Its actually kinda easy to get your maxed resists if you're playing online (especially ladder). the gear will be expensive though. Aim for Chains of Honor, Crown of Ages (look for high resists and 2 sockets for Ber runes), Mara's Kaleidoscope (high resists as well). Adding a torch/anni to that will get your resists maxed in no time. IF you're still lacking, try to wear the disciple belt (which gives another +15 to all resists).

With perfect resist gear, you'll have:

Helm: Crown of Ages (+30)
Ammy: Mara's Kaleidoscope (+30)
Armor: Chains of Honor (+65)
Charms: Torch (+20) and Anni (+20)
Quests: Malah's Scroll (+30)

Total: +195 all resists. if you consider hell's penalty of -100, it still gives you +95 all resists. Alternatively, you could take out the Maras for a Highlords (IAS may be a concern depending on your weapon of choice) and wear a Crendum Belt, which would leave you at +80 all resists in hell. Considering that you'll put points into the resist auras, which increase your maximum, I think that aiming at 80-85 all resists should be enough.

For your weapon, if you're only going to use it on this avenger, i'd suggest eth Breath of the Dying made on a Champion Axe (good speed and damage). If you plan on actually using such an expensive weapon on some other builds, go with the Colossus Blade which is the next best thing and is useful to some barb builds (because you can wear in one hand).


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Re: Avenger Question

Norrit... he specifically emphasised playing single and with meager equipment. BOTD is not something you gonna ever see on a legit single player (save for people trading with others, but I consider that soloing on OBN, not single player), not to mention torch or anni (realms only)...

back to the topic. i've played several avengers and I can honestly say that it's impossible to solo with 2-hand wielder. not using a shield hinders you so much (simply res, def and block are absolutely vital, not to mention other mods) that you gonna get eaten alive well before hell if using "meager equipment". damn, I think that even with uber stuff (which you are not going to obtain in single anyway) it'd take considerable dedication and still be a pain, if possible at all. I'd say that even for 1h avenger it can be tough to cut through hell without proper preparations (i.e. overleveling a bit with players8 and gathering some equipment from baalruns and cows before hitting it) - that's because you don't have AoE attacks, fast attack (8fps being max for vengeance) nor decent leech (because phys dmg is only a fraction fo your output - remedption is a must). mercenary is an abligatory sidekick to keep you alive - I'd go for holy freeze one as it will give you more time to kill and outmanevour crowds. he will also benefit most from your aura.

I think like it's worth stressing that avenger is made for teamplay. it definitely can be fun to solo, but it's wasting potential od this immunity-breaking, defense-nullyfing guy... but it's your pick.

as for the gear: aim for big damage, next - fast attack speed. weapon dmg is a base of your vengeane dmg, so the higher the better. on the other hand, you have no fanaticism to speed you up, so don't go anywhere close to slooooow maces and such. gambling rares is a good idea. ancient's pledge in a pally shield with base res mod can get you a long way in single, don't underestimate it. rest of the gear is the same old meele fighter stuff: a lot of def, res, additional life. I'd still try to get a bit of LL from your equipment - you won't be able te leech back enough, but some is better than nothing.

skills are obvious, but you HAVE TO have a decent holy shield. it boosts your entire defense at a constant rate and block alike, so its worth every single point you put into it. I'd go for conviction before res auras, but for res auras before vengeance lvl - mana can be a pain, especially in the beggining. try to put several points into res auras before maxing your main attack skill, it helps a lot. use your redemption to refill the bulbs and... vigor to get the hell out of troubles. good luck mate :)